Shark Finning Statistics

Shark finning pertains to the retention and removal of shark fins wherein sharks are caught alive and later on abandoned at the sea. The sharks are still alive when tossed back into the water but can no longer swim. These creatures start to shrink slowly in the bottom of the sea and are left lifeless. These are usually eaten by other sea creatures and fishes. Shark finning has been subjects of controversies, and it cannot be denied that individuals are divided by thoughts and viewpoints with regard to this matter.

Effects of Shark Finning

This activity is believed to be illegal because this is viewed as a brutal activity that destroys the diversity of marine life. Sharks start to disappear in numbers and this is now being linked to this activity. Finning problems have put pressures on populations and these causes decline to the countless living creatures under the sea.

Shark finning should be stopped because this has been seriously causing death of countless sharks. This activity also starts to pose effects not just on the environment but also to ecological balance underneath. Based on shark finning statistics, this activity causes about 88 million to 100 million deaths of sharks. This data is really alarming that is why individuals are advised to pay attention to this one. Based on studies, shark fins are useless because they do not even have medical and nutritional value.

Statistics on Shark Finning

Shark finning statistics cannot reveal exact numbers because this activity remains unknown in some areas. Sharks are placed on top of the food chain and they are known for reproducing and going mature slowly. It is therefore expected that numbers of shark replenish slowly and if shark finning continues, sharks will be swiped out entirely in about 10 to 20 years.

Earliest shark finning statistics presented that sharks slaughter has increased for about 400% for the past 50 years. By year 2017, it is assumed that 20 species of sharks will become extinct. Sharks cannot stand the massive pressure underneath. That is why if shark finning will not stop, their existence will surely be threatened with serious extinction.

A Demand for Shark Fins

Shark fin consumptions are also one of the reasons why shark finning is on the rise. Shark finning statistics show that increased percentage of restaurant owners serving shark fin soup and other menu are demanding for more fins. These fins have been a major requirement for their smooth and profitable business operations. As long as there are demands, shark finning is expected to continue. Many fishermen are engaged into this activity for the purpose of earning money without even realizing that this poses diverse unwanted effects on nature.

When this activity is being discussed or raised, it is always possible that topics will cover statistical data. Shark finning statistics does not just reveal data it also presents brief explanation and representation of data. Individuals are left with the task of analyzing the impact of every numerical or statistical data presented. Shark finning statistics is also important for future purposes and the results acquired can be a helpful basis in case further studies will be pursued.

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