Occupy Wall Street Timeline

Timeline of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street – How It Spreads Out?

The Occupy Wall Street movement features in various newspapers, as protesters take to the streets across the country and demand economic change. If you are curious about this movement, you should know how it started and spread out.

Timeline by Date

To provide you some details about its beginnings and activities, simply considered the following timeline of Occupy Wall Street:

July 13 – Adbusters Media Foundation makes an initial proposal for a nonviolent demonstration to occupy Wall Street. In the Adbusters’ blog, supporters have spotted several articles that encourage them to join the rally together. The movement will operate without an official leadership and the decisions of OWS come from the agreement of every supporter. To connect with other interested individuals, they also create a Twitter account for OWS.

July 26 – Occupy Wall Street supporters started to create their social networking accounts. The typical examples of these are Facebook, Twitter profile and website. Adbusters Media Foundation also encourages various cities around the world to participate in the movement.

August 23 – The anonymous activist group encourages its followers to join in the movement. They also release video in support to the group. To spread the word, they keep on promoting their group via Twitter and other social networking sites. They claimed that they are fighting for the interests of 99%.

September 17 – This is the first day of the Occupy Wall Street gathering. According to reports, there were 1000 people who attend on the first movement’s day. Officers of NYPD or New York City Police Department prohibited protesters from citing loitering rules to erecting tents. It is also noted that they have clashes with police officers.

September 24 – After protesters marching to Union Square, NYPD arrested 80 supporters. The NYPD was also accused of using pepper spray and extreme force.

October 1 – Protesters set out to march across the Brooklyn Bridge and over 700 of them were arrested. Officers claimed that they were blocking the traffic.

October 5 – Supporters of OWS gained support from major unions in United States.

October 6 – The OWS movement spreads across the nation. In addition, supporters also vow to occupy the country’s capital for weeks.

October 11 – Counter-protest group claims that working class holds the supporters who keep on complaining than working.

October 12 – Started to clean Zuccotti Park.

October 14 – Brookfield Office Properties deferred cleaning Zuccotti Park.

October 15 – A worldwide day protest involving 951 cities and 82 countries.

October 17 – Adbusters calls for a “Robin Hood Tax” on the G20.

October 19 – Informs that officers who sprayed the women on 9/24 will be sanctioned.

October 25 – Almost 500 protesters turn down to move in Oakland. They also used tear gas in protesting.

October 26 – Announces the movement results to gigantic point in crime gun.

The Occupy Wall Street became well-known around the world. Almost 82 countries and more than 951 cities desire to join in the group.

With the above details, you can easily understand who the group spreads out around the world. You will also determine how the movement changes the activities of other people and their country itself.