List of Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks

Today’s world is constantly changing and evolving and certain fashion trends go in and out of style all the time. However, what many don’t seem to realize is, when a particular style goes out, it still comes back into play many years later. For instance Vessel sinks, which are molded after the first wash basins, are now becoming a focal point in homes. What once was old and dingy, is now new and modern again. Thinking about swamping out your counter sinks for Vessel sinks? If so, below is a list of some pros and cons that may help you decide whether to add this feature to your home or not.

The Pros of Vessel Sinks

Everyone wants their home to be inviting and fashionable, even if you’re not a host or entertain very often. We take pride in everything we do, and our home is a great way to show that. Vessel Sinks have a way of standing out and creating a focal point inside a bathroom, rather than a plain old ceramic sink.

Less Hassle
Even though we may love something the very first time we buy it and place it in our home, years down the road you may not feel the same way. Everyone needs a change every now and then but sometimes the hassle of a new home improvement project just isn’t worth it. However, with a Vessel sink you can swap them in and out fairly easily and don’t have to mess with as many parts as an under the counter sink. For example you guest bathroom can be all brass but say you want to change it to an ocean theme with blue tones. You can easily do this by swamping out your Brass basin with a blue glass basin.

Multiple Choices to Choose From
That brings us to the next point, versatility. Vessel sinks can come in all colors and you can cater to your bathroom hues. They are also made of brass, glass, and ceramic as well as either round or square shape. You can customize your own sink, and truly have a one of a kind bathroom.

More Room
Vessel sinks create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than reality. This is because the basin sits up on the counter top and you are able to fully see the bowl. Also depending on the size it can create more counter top space for trinkets (vase of flowers, soap dispenser etc.).

The Cons of Vessel Sinks

Maintenance and Cleaning
Vessel sinks do not require a lot of upgrades or adjustments if they are installed properly. However, cleaning a Vessel sink is a little more time consuming then a regular sink. With a Vessel sink the inside of the basin needs to be washed, as well as the faucet, and the outer bowl. For the busy folks out there, taking the extra time and care to clean a Vessel sink can be a burden. Another measure you may want to consider is the cleaning products themselves.  For and under mounted sink you can spray a disinfectant and wipe away the grime easily within a few minutes. With a Vessel sink however you need to be cautious of what your spraying and what kind of residue it will leave behind. As stated above a Vessel sink is placed above the counter top, so you can see all sides of the basin. Any residue left behind can be seen from all angles with a Vessel sink. The amount and type of cleaning agent you use will depend on whether you chose a glass, ceramic or brass basin.

Initial Installation and Malfunctions
Tall makes and models of a Vessel sink can be hard to install properly and with anything you install, if it’s not done properly the first time it can create a problem down the road. If you don’t plan on using this particular bathroom often then a tall Vessel sink wouldn’t be much of an issue. However, if you have a high traffic bathroom then a shorter model might be the way to go. This goes double if there are young children in the household, as with any child they grab whatever they can. We’ve all seen a child try to climb on a counter or use something on a counter to pull themselves up. This type of pulling and strain on a tall Vessel can cause it to come un mounted and become lose and wobbly.

Splash Factor
This all depends on the water pressure in your household and the type of faucet you will want installed.  Certain basins can be very shallow and wide so when the faucet is turned on it causes the water to hit the bottom of the bowl and splash back on to the counter. If the water is turned on at full speed by a child and left on, the water could end up on your bathroom floor as well.

Duration and Durability
The more you take care of something the longer it will hold its value, although this is easier said than done sometimes. Again, depending on the model of the Vessel will depend on how much room for error there is. For instance a ceramic or glass Vessel can become chipped and therefore deplete the value and look. Or if you chose a brass Vessel, the brass can wear off after a while and discolor the bowl itself.