List of Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

The idea of space exploration has been around for thousands of ears as far back as Galileo working with the theory of the stars. Thousands of years later, we have gone to the moon, explored areas of space we never would know about otherwise and are in the time of a millennium when there are endless possibilities to space exploration. Many people question if space exploration is something that we should be looking into and while many have pros for it, there are also cons against it that should be considered.

Pros of Space Exploration

1. Space exploration allows us to find out more about the galaxy we are in as well as learn more about our planet.

2. Finding an inhabitant planet other than earth can help reduce and possibly solve the problem of global warming. It can also help overpopulation concerns.

3. While we are exploring space, we have learned so many things we wouldn’t know otherwise. we have learned of starts, planets other galaxies, and the new coming idea of what could be past our galaxy are endless.

4. The design of new technology evolves as space exploration expands and evolves, all of which generates jobs, opportunities and the overall good of the world.

5. Weather patterns can be studied when we are in space, allowing for a better understanding of one of nature’s strongest forces.

Cons of Space Exploration

1. Space exploration takes up a lot of valuable and costly resources that could be better used in a needy world.

2. Space exploration is very costly to do. With budget cuts and the government in deep debt, it is hard to think how much more exploration we can actually accomplish without the financial means to do so.

3. Traveling into space is dangerous and those who go into space risk their health when doing so. The conditions outside the earth’s atmosphere can cause any medical conditions and make health concerns worsen.

4. It is quite possible that there are diseases in the other atmospheres that could be a detriment to the country if it were to ever come into the earth’s atmosphere. The chances are unlikely, but there is a lot more of space to learn about.

5. Items that came into the earth’s atmosphere that don’t break up upon entry and disintegrate can cause massive damage when they land on the earth, such as a meteor.

While the idea of space travel and exploration is always going to be a stunning topic, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider before we do anymore space exploration in this country. With the advancements made in engineering and technology, some of these concerns can be eliminated to make space exploration easier and safer, but the high financial cost to this exploration may soon become too much or the nation to bare.