List of Pros and Cons of Obamacare

President Obama came to change things, and among these changes was Obamacare. This is also known as the affordable care act, and it is basically a law that aims to reform the American health care system. Obamacare gave Americans a series of new benefits, right and protections when it comes to health care, mostly by setting up a Health Insurance Marketplace. Although President Barack Obama brought Obamacare to America, this was the result of years and years of ideas exchanged within the health care industry and the whole nation. Basically, with Obamacare, Americans will be covered by insurance through either their employers, through the government, or by themselves. Still, unfortunately, there will be a few million Americans who will still not have health care insurance.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is merely a website where Americans can compare the prices and qualities of insurances online, and also shop for affordable insurance while receiving assistance for lower premiums and reduced costs. Each state has its own marketplace, but the principle is the same. After all, it does make things easier for everyone to have it all easily accessible online. One of the biggest advantages of these marketplaces is that the Government will help people buy insurance through them so that insurance can be a little bit more affordable, and more accessible for everyone in the country.

List of Pros of Obamacare

1. Gain of Insured Citizens
For the average American, Obamacare is going to bring a lot to gain, and between 30 to 45 million Americans will get access to health insurance marketplaces or through Medicare/Medicaid. Nevertheless, the average American family will see a reduction in their insurance premiums.

2. Increased Protection
It’s clearly a pro when health insurance covers more people, and more people are protected by health insurance. Even though the insurance system might be debatable, getting people covered with insurance is always a step taken forward. In theory, the cost of health care will go down, but the quality of health care will go up, and a lot of Americans will get better health care at the same, or at more affordable prices.

3. Lower Costs
Since a lot of Americans work for bigger employers, some of their employees might see their new costs involved with their workforce and insuring it. Other American workers might just see a lower quality health care plan offered by employers in order to avoid higher costs in health care due to taxes. Although costs can come up for larger employers, these will certainly not have a big problem with that, since, well, they are the big boys. Big employers and the richest people will help pay the price that needs to be paid for a better health care plan.

4. Improved Quality of Care
In what is definitely a pro for Obamacare is that doctors and hospitals will now have a system in which they are rewarded for providing quality care, rather than being rewarded for providing quantity when it comes to health care. Although to some health care institutions this is big con, it is a big pro for every American, since now doctors and hospitals won’t simply try to take care of as much patients as possible, but will actually try to cure as much patients as possible, and to solve problems from the root, rather than just trying to get rewards out of the quantity they could get.

List of Cons of Obamacare

1. Lack of Affordability
Since the plan was designed and aimed at people who weren’t able to have insurance on their own. In fact, Americans with low income and no insurance will barely see any cons at all, but will have a handful of benefits to take advantage of. The expansion of Medicaid is expected to reach at least 15 million individuals that did not have insurance, and possessed low income. The only big con about Obamacare for low income Americans is that some states will be able to deny the option of having coverage for their poorest people. Although it might look like states who reject this aid for their poorest are just trying to keep as much money as possible for themselves, it is actually a political move that is basically attempting to remove legitimacy out of Obamacare, and as such, “break it”. It is very unfortunate when people with low income have to pay for political moves, and if any real though would be put into the subject, there would certainly be better ways to damage Obamacare’s plan that would not really take a toll on the poorest people America has.

2. Holes in Coverage Options
When it comes to senior citizens, Obamacare will come to close holes in their coverage options, making them benefit from the plan. Millions of seniors are saving money right now thanks to Obamacare and the reforms done to Medicare. It is great the Obamacare is taking care of our senior citizens, since it is true that they have taken care of us in the past. It is our moral obligation to take care of them now.

3. Increase in Taxes
Although Obamacare does a lot of things that the nation can benefit from, the taxes that will pay for it will damage a lot of other people, including small businesses and the top 2% of businesses and individuals in the US. These will pay extra taxes to help pay for Obamacare, and ultimately, to help pay for a better health care system nationwide. This causes some of the big businesses to go against Obamacare, especially because they do not like the regulations and taxes they now have to pay.