Emergency Contraception Advantages and Disadvantages

Emergency contraception is an easy way to prevent conceiving or pregnancy. Also known as the morning after pill and postcoital contraception, emergency contraception pills are extremely popular and they can be purchased online or offline. As with any pill, there are some advantages and disadvantages of emergency contraception pills.

Here are the emergency contraception advantages and disadvantages.


1. Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy after having sexual intercourse without using any condom. There are pills which are taken before having unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy but they don’t always work well and condoms too may fail at times. Emergency contraception is thus an effective way to really control, rather avert the chances of pregnancy.
2. There are many birth control pills that you may opt for. Emergency contraception pills will not interfere with any of those pills. In most cases, emergency contraception pills don’t interfere with other common medications that people are usually on. However, if you take some serious medication, then you should consult a doctor before choosing your emergency contraception pills.

3. Emergency contraception pills are easy to buy and take. They can be purchased without any prescriptions and you can have it the morning after having unprotected sex or within the first forty eight to seventy two hours.

4. Emergency contraception pills do not facilitate sterility or infertility. It doesn’t affect a woman’s ability to conceive later, nor does it increase the risks of potential problems of fetus development.


1. Unprotected sex doesn’t just cause pregnancy but also raises the risks of infections from sexually transmitted diseases. Emergency contraception pills cannot protect anyone from such sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Emergency contraception works only when the pills are taken within the first seventy two hours after having sexual intercourse or vaginal sex without using a condom or any other birth control pills. The sooner the pills are taken, the better it is. As the hours go by, the effect or the potential of emergency contraception diminishes.

3. There are some side effects of emergency contraception. Feeling nauseous, vomiting tendencies and some cramps may be experienced after taking the pills.

There are many myths about emergency contraception such as it adversely affecting an existing pregnancy, that they cause abortion and that they increase the chances of having more unprotected sex. None of these are true scientifically. Also, the side effects of emergency contraception usually subside in less than a day.