Puma Punku Debunked

Puma Punku can be found in Bolivia as part of a large temple complex and it is a significant historical location because it is there where the Incans believed that the worlds was created. There’s a courtyard, a terraced platform mound that is face with stone, and precision holes drilled into the stone using what could best be described as modern construction techniques. Because of the age of the site and the precision and intricacy of the drilling, many have come to one inescapable conclusion: Puma Punku was built by aliens.

The only problem is that there is no evidence of ancient aliens on our planet. There are some very feasible explanations for the precision stone blocks that are found there.

The Concrete Was Poured Into Forms On Site

This is the most likely explanation for the consistency of the artwork that is on the concrete and the precision of the drilling that is found on Puma Punku. By pouring mixed concrete into the forms, the concrete would harden into the needed shapes and removing the forms would make it look like the blocks were fashioned in such a way. Considering that some of the copper fasteners for the blocks at the site were poured into place while the metal was still molten does not put this out of the realm of possibility.

They Carried Everything There

Most of the weights of the stones that are listed in Puma Punku are not at the 400+ tons that many websites list. The heaviest stone is 144 tons and the remainder are less than this. We have seen other examples of human ingenuity be able to place large stones into place at other locations in the world that pre-date Puma Punku, so it isn’t unreasonable to believe that there was some sort of mechanism to transport these heavy stones to their location – if they weren’t already there. There is evidence that some of the stones were quarried nearly 100 kilometers away, but these are usually the smaller rocks that could be hand carried.

Are You Sure That’s an Elephant?

Researchers at Puma Punku found a carving of what has been described as an elephant, which would be unusual for a site in Bolivia. That would give someone pause to think about ancient aliens or old land bridges, but when one looks at the actual carving, there’s no real evidence that this is an elephant at all. It could very well just be randomized artwork that comes from the imagination of the human mind. If someone were to look at our artwork several centuries after our existence, what do you think they might see from their future perspective?

What If Puma Punku Really Was a Port?

Although there’s no real evidence of Puma Punku being a port, let’s say it could be hypothetically. This would allow for all of the stones to be moved with great ease into the city. It would allow for great travel opportunities that could hand carry stones from so far away. It would lend more credence to the ingenuity of the local people and even less to ancient aliens.

Puma Punku is an incredible site filled with fascinating features. What it isn’t is a location of ancient aliens.