Gun Control Pros And Cons List

Gun control is a sensitive topic for many, one that inspires spirited debate. With mass shootings in the news on a frequent basis, this leads to supporters and detractors on each side. This is not a debate that inspires simple answers, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each viewpoint.

Pros of Gun Control

1. Legal Purchase of Arms
There have been over 70 mass shootings in the United States over the past three decades. Three out of every four shooters used a gun that they legally purchased. Those who believe in gun control feel that a more strict gun law would keep these weapons from being so easy to come by, thus preventing these shootings from happening.

2. Increased Protection
Increased protection of children and families is a paramount concern. Recent studies have shown that children are experiencing gun violence at a rapidly increasing, with at least eight children dying every day from a gunshot wound, on average. With more stringent gun control, children are able to be protected from gun related deaths.

3. Background Checks
Background checks have been woefully lax, leading to instances where mentally disturbed were able to obtain weapons that they should not have been able to. As of now, certain criminals, mentally unstable people and domestic abusers are still able to obtain guns, even after a background check has been conducted. By requiring stronger background checks, this could keep guns away from millions who should not be trusted with them.

Cons of Gun Control

1. Failure to Increase Regulation
The NRA advocates for guns, on the grounds that a person must be able to defend themselves from predators and burglars. The Second Amendment clearly states that citizens are well within their right to bear arms and pro-gun lobbyists have opined that taking away people’s rights to have guns is tantamount to a death sentence. Thus far, all attempts to rewrite the current regulations have failed to make it through the United States Supreme Court.

2. Increase Violent Crimes
Statistics show that violent crime tends to decline in a society where citizens are able to legally own and carry guns. Starting at the beginning of the 1990’s, more and more states have been passing laws giving their citizens the right to carry. The national murder and crime rates have been on a steady decline ever since. Meanwhile, over 100 million Americans have exercised their right to legally own and carry a firearm.

3. Lack of Support
Banning guns has not proven to be an effective crime deterrent. During Bill Clinton’s presidency, he signed a bill that effectively banned all assault weapons, only to see expire due to lack of support. The ban did not lead to a decrease in crime and research shows that assault weapons are used in a very small percentage of overall crime.