List of Pros and Cons of Coal Energy

It’s no secret, fossil fuel supplies around the world are dwindling at an unprecedented rate. While coal energy remains plentiful, there are some who believe that our reliance on this particular form of energy needs to cease. For that reason and many others, the debate about the viability of coal energy has continued to rage on. Now, for a closer examination of the pros and cons….

Pros of Coal Energy

1. Cheap And Easy To Find
Even as other fossil fuels become harder to come by, coal is still plentiful and easily found in North America and areas of Europe. Since coal is located close to the surface, it is more easily removed from the ground and there is very little need for the use of unsafe mining techniques.

2. Storage Is Safe And Simple
Coal has a much greater stability than other fossil fuels. The costs of storage are far more affordable than other, less stable forms of fuel. Transportation of coal is also much safer. Oil, natural gas and other fuels of their ilk are more volatile and are not as easy or cheap to store.

3. Easily Converted Into Useful Energy
Coal does not require an expensive or complicated form of secondary technology in order to be converted into useful energy. When coal is obtained from a mine directly, it is most effectively used for steel manufacturing and to generate electricity.

4. New Coal Burning Technology
Coal products are now available in gas and liquid form, making it much easier to use coal. Liquid and gaseous coal tends to burn much cleaner than typical coal.

Cons of Coal Energy

1. Exacerbates The Effects Of Global Warming
Our planet is getting hotter and hotter with every year that goes by. Coal is one of the most commonly used fossil fuels when it comes to producing power. When coal is burned, it gives off a great deal of heat. Additionally, the resulting greenhouse gases that are released also lead to serious global warming issues.

2. Bad For The Environment
While it is easy and cost effective, coal mining techniques tend to be terrible for the world as a whole. Coal is typically removed from the ground with the use of strip mining techniques, which are proven to be extremely harmful to the environment.

3. Mining Accidents Occur
Even though coal is located near the surface of the earth, it is difficult to ensure the safety of miners while they are removing the coal. Mines have been known to cave in and when this takes place, numerous lives are lost.

4. Not Renewable
Coal is plentiful, but make no mistake: it is not a renewable resource. It takes centuries for coal to be produced and these conditions cannot be synthesized.