Itanimulli Hoax Debunked

What are the Intanimulli? If you spell the word backwards, you get the word “Illuminati.” The Illuminati are a collection of different groups that have existed over the years, most of them being secret society groups who had a goal of creating political or religious influence over the public. The Bavarian Illuminati, for example, were founded in 1776. This group was suppressed just a decade later, however, and no evidence exists that the group survived this event.

Despite this fact, however, several writers believe that the Illuminati does still exist and is, in fact, thriving today. There are several groups that also claim to be descendants of the original Illuminati and openly declare this to be so. The Ordo Templi Orientis, in fact, have the title of Illuminati within their chain of command.

So imagine everyone’s surprise that when you punch in Illuminati backwards, you get to the official website of the NSA… what’s up with that?

It’s All a Funny Prank

All you’ve got to do to disprove that the NSA doesn’t own the Intanimulli domain is to pull up the registry information. When you do, you’ll find that a man in Provo, UT named John Fenley actually owns the website. It’s pretty easy to redirect a website to another website. All you’ve got to do is put in a simple redirect command when you own the domain. This information can be verified through the service that is publicly accessible.

Fenley owns a website and YouTube channel that is under the name of Pontifier. He’s actually been rather inactive for the last 9 months, only just recently posting once again on his blog. Over on his YouTube channel, he actually admits that he did all of this on purpose.

“I decided to forward the domain domain [sic] to the NSA as a joke… kind of like a rickroll + shock site,” Fenley said in an email conversation in 2009. “I registered the website years ago precisely because it does spell Illuminati backwards, but didn’t really do anything with it for a long time. When I had the idea to forward the domain to the NSA I couldn’t pass it up, and couldn’t stop laughing…”

Does John Fenley Believe That the Illuminati Exist?

John Fenley has explicitly stated that he does not believe in the current existence of the Illuminati. He does say that he had a black helicopter buzz by his house one day, but that is completely unrelated to the issue at hand. “I’m not sure what the New World Order Plan is, but if you have more information, I’ll gladly tell you what I think of it,” he said.

Fenley isn’t an employee of DARPA or the NSA either. He admits that he has participated in several challenges, however, and that he is just getting going with Google Fiber. Fenley also says that he doesn’t see much of a problem in having a world government like the one that the Illuminati had one point claimed to have supported.

“What is the problem with a world government in which all people are equal, and able to prosper without artificial barriers?” he asks.

That hasn’t stopped the questions from being asked. Even the interviewer over email questions his comments about being a member of DARPA. “He may be an employee of darpa from the looks of the truck but i dont know that for sure [sic],” is his comment. The interviewer goes on to say that DARPA enlists university students all of the time to participate in contests and that perhaps he isn’t an employee… YET.

Does the Illuminati Actually Exist?

There are certainly classified projects in just about every world government. There are secret militia organizations that are independently organized throughout the United States and beyond. The whole point of having religion or believing in something is that you believe it is the absolute truth.

Is it possible for members of the Order of the Illuminati to have penetrated every level of government so that they control every facet of society, including the political parties of all major foreign governments? Are they in control of everything that you see, read, or watch on television?

Are they sponsoring the writing of this very article to cast doubt on the fact that they really want their overall plans to be kept a secret? Did they really orchestrate 9/11? Are they behind many of the mass shootings that have happened recently on American soil?

Most people don’t believe that the Illuminati actually exist. Part of the reason for this is that the term “Illuminati” has become part of the national lexicon that involves all conspiracy theories. Everything from chemtrails to a child prodigy who claims that God gave her the talent to paint are all fictional accounts that are made up by this core group. Current events sometimes make it seem like the world isn’t completely like we think it is through the media, which gives some extra credence to the theory.

What makes the Illuminati conspiracy unique is that it is characterized by an all-seeing eye. This image can be seen in company logos, American money, and in the artwork of many musicians today. Maybe it is part of a hidden conspiracy that is designed to evade the conscious mind.

Maybe it’s just all a prank.

As for the intanimulli hoax, it is clearly a joke. The NSA of the US Government is not the Illuminati. It’s a pretty good prank that has given a few people a great laugh over the years and it has caused some others to believe that maybe the Illuminati do still exist. Maybe Fenley is an employee or isn’t an employee of the government. That probably doesn’t really matter.