Industrial Revolution Pros and Cons List

Without the Industrial Revolution, it’s safe to say that the world would not look the same as it does today. It changed our way of life for the better and served as an introduction to modern society. However, some critics believe that this was not a good thing for human development, while others tout its virtues. There were several good things to come out of the Industrial Revolution and there were also many drawbacks.

List of Pros of the Industrial Revolution

1. Growth of Industries.
It is safe to say that the world of industry would not look the same as it does today without the Industrial Revolution. Not only did the Industrial Revolution change the way we viewed industry, but it also allowed us to open our doors to trading with other nations around the world.

2. More Opportunities.
Before the Industrial Revolution took place, people were limited in what job opportunities that they were able to seek. Usually, you went to school until the family needed your financial support, at which point you would join whatever the family business was. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, people were now able to spread their wings and explore a variety of opportunities.

3. The Emergence of Free Enterprise.
During the time period before the Industrial Revolution took place, a person was only able to purchase goods in the city that they resided in or a nearby city, if they were fortunate enough to have the means to do so. The Industrial Revolution opened up a whole new world of consumer goods to people who were starved for choices and the increased competition led to lower prices across the board.

List of Cons of the Industrial Revolution

1. Poor Working Conditions.
One of the most unfortunate byproducts of the Industrial Revolution was the effect that it had on children. Small children, no older than 7, were put to work in dangerous factories. Many of them died or suffered from permanent disfigurement. They were not properly compensated for their time and suffering and treated more as slaves than employees.

2. Drastic Change In Lifestyle.
Before the Industrial Revolution, people lived in primarily rural areas. The idea of packing into a city landscape like sardines did not appeal to most people. However, once the Industrial Revolution took place, everyone moved into the cities. The results were not healthy for any parties involved and set the stage for the same sort of overcrowding we see today.

3. Environmental Hazards.
When a large group of people migrates from rural areas to the urban sprawl, this is not good for the environment. Factories produced massive amounts of smoke and released untold amounts of toxins into the air. Detractors argue that these changes would pave the way for the pollution problems that we are currently experiencing.