Illuminati Debunked

One of the unique aspects of human history is that just about every major event has at least one conspiracy theory associated with it. Having all of those conspiracy theories be real just wouldn’t make sense because it would be so unlikely that they could happen by random chance. For it to all be real, there would need to be another organization or group of people in the background, pulling the strings of the world’s society.

That’s where the Illuminati comes in. It’s supposedly a secret organization that no one knows about… yet everyone knows about it. That’s why the Illuminati can be easily debunked. For every attributed action they have taken, there are explainable facts behind the circumstances. Here are some popular myths about the Illuminati… and the real facts that are ignored.

1: The Dollar Bill Proves the Illuminati Control America

The all seeing eye that is on the $1 bill of the United States is often pointed to as evidence of the Illuminati’s overall control. The official name for this graphic is the Eye of Providence. This has been used by many religions throughout history to reflect the protective powers of a god or gods and it dates back to Ancient Egyptian times as the Eye of Horus.

From an American perspective, the reason behind the symbolism is that it is a reflection of God’s support for the United States. If you count the levels of the pyramid where the Eye of Providence is positioned, you will find there to be 13 levels. This was to reflect the unity and freedom of the country while showing that there was the potential for future growth as well.

Some believe that instead of the Illuminati, the Freemasons are actually behind the powers of the United States instead because they have a similar symbol. The Freemasons, however, did not adopt the Eye of Providence as a symbol until 14 years after the US government.

2: Celebrities Are Involved With the Illuminati

If a celebrity takes a picture with one eye covered or makes a pyramid symbol with their hands in any way, these is seen as proof of their existence. Numerous celebrities have taken pictures like this, but covering one eye up is something that everyone does. Using this same logic, everyone who ever takes an eye test is actually supporting the Illuminati if they have a selfie taken during the process.

Or worse yet, maybe the Illuminati are actually behind the eye tests in the first place. For something to be proof, there needs to be tangible evidence. One photo of a peace sign being flashed by Miley Cyrus isn’t proof of the Illuminati.

3: What’s That Prejudice?

The Illuminati were actually formed to fight prejudice and superstition. They were concerned about too many conjectures being floated around society being taken as fact instead of theory, opinion, or coincidence. In reality, the original Illuminati would be completely against what most people believe the Illuminati is about today. Of course any organization can evolve over time, but the Illuminati were always supposed to be in control.

4: It Is All About Influence and Suppression

Many see the Illuminati as telling people what to think, how to act, what to like, and doing it all under the guise of subtle mind control. What we do know about the Illuminati is that the leader of Bavaria and the Pope both wanted to have this organization shut down. Part of the reason was because they didn’t like the idea of religious or state influence on people’s lives, but there was also the desire to have the radical idea to provide equal rights to women that included education.

5: They Do All the Bad Stuff

Rumors of the Illuminati’s survival began as early as the late 1700’s – right after they shut down. That was so the secretive group could be blamed for the French Revolution. Most of the members were German, after all, and they would have loved to see France torn apart by war. Since then, everything from the death of Michael Jackson to currency manipulation has been blamed on the Illuminati. Trying to disprove a claim like this is a lot like saying that the number 9 smells like roses. People can say anything, but without evidence either way, there is no proving or disproving a statement like that.

6: The Goal Is to Rule the World

Interestingly enough, this myth is what tends to draw the religious crowd into the Illuminati hoax. In the book of Revelation, it is believed that a one world government is being described, led by a figure that is known as the Antichrist. What would make such a potential prophecy most likely to come true? If there was a secretive organization like the Illuminati that was planning on taking over the entire world in some way. By influencing debt and money from the Federal Reserve, how people listen to music through Def Jam Records, and influencing the education of today’s youth by being involved with fraternities, the end goal becomes very clear.

The League of Nations and then the United Nations – those are just fronts for what is really going on behind the scenes. Everyone is just a puppet and the Illuminati control the strings. Even content like this is allowed to be published because it may create doubt and that doubt will allow the Illuminati to keep operating in the shadows.

The Ongoing Illuminati Hoax Needs To End

People will always believe in the things that make sense to them, so to some extent, the Illuminati are always going to exist. Nothing will change that. What can happen is an honest look at verifiable facts. Test everything that comes your way. Only take the good out of what you discover – the honest evidence that can only come from real evidence, not perceived evidence. In doing so, you will discover that when people see the Illuminati everywhere and controlling everything, it is because that’s what they are choosing to see.