Akiane Kramarik Hoax Debunked

The artwork of Akiane Kramarik is absolutely stunning. Born in 1994, she began painting at the age of four and also wrote poetry. If you also have a desire to write poetry, but due to lack of inspiration or free time, you can not tune in to the same wavelength with your inner desire, you can always contact, where you will be helped. Her father is American, but her mother is Lithuanian. She taught herself to paint and often states that God spoke to her and told her to draw her visions. Her parents where both atheists but converted to Christianity shortly after their daughter began painting. Her first self-portrait sold for $10k and at the age of 10, she appeared on Oprah’s television show.

By the age of 12, she had created 60 large scale paintings, one of which currently hangs in the US Embassy of Singapore. To date, at the age of 20, she has 200 published art works and 800 total literary creations. Was she spoken to by God? Or is she simply a child prodigy, looking for a way to explain her natural talents?

Could It All Be For Real?

Akiane Kramarik has come back into the news once again thanks to story behind Heaven is Real. A boy with a near death experience says that he sees Jesus in his visions. When he comes back to life, he takes a look at all the paintings of Jesus and says that they are all wrong. When he sees the work of Kramarik, however, he says that this one is correct. The boy was 7 years old at the time.

The problem with refuting a claim that is made by someone, whether or not the boy behind Heaven is Real is correct or not, is that there is no real evidence to contradict spirituality. If someone wants to believe that God taught them how to paint, then there really is no fact or fiction involved. There is just perception.

That perception will encourage some to believe wholeheartedly because they want their beliefs confirmed and this seems to do so. Others will scoff or mock the statements because their spirituality is different or based on science and fact and not religion or conjecture. Authors create stories all of the time based on dreams that they have. There’s no reason why an 8 year old girl couldn’t do the same thing.

Fact or Fiction: Does It Matter?

One can look and say that there has been no progression in her artwork since she picked up a paintbrush and say that she’s a fraud. Others can look at the same facts and say that she’s a blessing from God to this world. In reality, this 20 year old woman is talented and she shares her gifts with others. She donates profits that she receives from her paintings to charity. Maybe God is involved and maybe it’s all in her mind.

Some have even brought the Kramarik image in comparison to the Shroud of Turin. Could the face of Jesus be the actual face of the Son of God? In comparing the two images, there are certainly visual similarities. There just aren’t many facts to be found, which means we’re left with faith alone to decide. That makes the decision of whether or not Kramarik is the real deal or not completely up to you.