Gregg Braden Debunked

Do you believe in coincidence? Sometimes it feels like there is a certain structure to life. There are people we were destined to meet, products we were destined to purchase, and accidents that were just meant to happen. That’s the world of Gregg Braden, who believes that simple observations in life are not coincidental at all. At the foundation of his theories is this statement:

“Only 10% of the human brain is utilized, and only 10% of the mass of the universe can be accounted for. Is it by chance that these percentages correlate so closely? Possibly not.”

Just having apples and dogs in the same room doesn’t mean that the two are direct descendents of each other. Extrapolating two random facts and calling them connected, while leaving a back door to say that that it was just a thought and not a fact being promoted, is not science by any shape or form. Neither does the fact that neither percentage described in the above statement is something that can be verified.

Reading Gregg Braden Is Like Watching Stargate SG-1

Are you familiar with the concepts behind the Stargate line of stories? In a widely released movie and then a long-running television series, the concept is pretty simple: humans are not alone in the world. The pyramids were landing pads for spaceships. The ancient Egyptian gods were really symbiotic creatures that could make humans live forever under the right conditions. We can travel the stars through portals that create wormholes in time.

This is exactly what the theories of Gregg Braden sound like. It makes one wonder if he’s not a fan of the series – or even a contributing consultant.

That’s because Braden believes that the crop circles which are found are secret messages that aliens are leaving for us. He believes that the Pyramids were built by aliens. The Shroud of Turin is listed as being 100% authentic, even though it was considered a fake in the 14th century. Jesus isn’t the Son of God, but he is a universal reference being – much like the god Ra in Stargate.

Does the Mind Have True Mystical Powers?

There are some incredible stories of survival that exist throughout humanity. People have seemingly willed themselves to defeat cancer, lift 3,000 pound vehicles, or survived buildings that have collapsed on them. In even the most tragic of accidents, there are often stories of survival. According to Braden, this is evidence that the human mind is able to prevent or cure disease and give us strength to overcome any obstacle.

It doesn’t matter that people can get great strength through an increase of adrenaline. Braden believes that the secret to being able to do great things is to access the natural electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by our own bodies. If you aren’t able to cure yourself, then you just aren’t a good enough human.

“Cancer can only manifest if we forget the true nature of who we really are”

Braden feeds on providing false hope and a lack of medicine. He works on rewriting the events of history to serve his purpose. It is for these reasons that Gregg Braden can be effectively debunked.