Equal Rights Amendment Pros and Cons

The Equal Rights Amendment was a proposed adjustment to the United States constitution. This can make gender equality a constitutional right. This amendment was first introduced to Congress in 1923, but, it did not pass in the House of Congress. In 1979, thirty-five states had approved it. But, it requires 38 states to make it a law.

Context of Equal Rights Amendment

Most people claimed that this amendment failed due to the influence of activist. Some of them are in favor of this amendment while others are not. Before you decide whether you are in favor or not, you have to know the context of ERA. Here they are:

1. The amendment says that fairness of rights under the law shall not be abridged or denied by the US or any stat on account of sex.
2. The Congress shall also have the power to impose the provisions of this amendment
3. This amendment shall be effective two years after its ratification.

Based on its context, is ERA is beneficial to constituents or not? To guide you about this amendment, here are its pros and cons.

Benefits of Equal Rights

The Equality Rights Amendment provides various benefits. Here are some of them:

• All gender discriminating United State federal laws and US family court laws would be completely abolished. Thus, it would become illegal to show gender favoritism.
• American citizen would legally have equal, civil, human and diplomatic rights from all types of discrimination. Without ERA, the Constitution does not guarantee that the rights is protected and equally held by all citizens.
• ERA would provide a clearer court standard for settling on cases of gender discrimination. It would also clarify sex inequity jurisprudence.
• This amendment provides a strong legal defense in opposition to rollback of the essential advances in women’s rights. Without ERA, Congress can replace or deteriorate existing laws on women’s right.
• Without ERA, both men and women have to fight long and find it hard to prove that their rights are all equal. This amendment also proves that the US human rights stand in the world community.

Downfalls of Equal Rights

However, Equality of Rights Amendment has a few drawbacks. These flaws are the main reasons why other citizens don’t want to pass this law. Here are some of its disadvantages:

• The language in this amendment is tricky. ERA would take away some essential rights of masses control and of the states. It would also take away the legal rights that women possess.
• Some people claimed that ERA is not good for Americans and Constitutions because it is confusing. The Constitution also lays the framework from which the laws the federal union derived.

After knowing the pros and cons of Equality of Rights Amendment, you can easily decide if the amendment is favorable for you or not. Like others, you may be confused on why some people rejected this amendment. Everyone has their own reasons why they want or don’t want to pass this law.

Whether you are in favor of this amendment or not, make sure that you are aware of its entire context. You also know its possible effects to you and to your country.