Dr. Steven Greer Debunked

Are there secrets that need to be disclosed? Conspiracies that need to see the light of day? Dr. Steven Greer believes that this is the case and that’s the purpose behind the Disclosure Project. This research project has the specific goal to disclose all facts about UFOs, alien intelligence, and the classified energy and propulsion systems that are being developed right now. Greer claims to have 500 government witness to verify this disclosure.

How can Dr. Steven Greer be debunked? Simple. He’s been caught in a lie.

There Has Been No Movement Since 2001

Greer is known for making up a lot of excuses, but the problem is that there are no facts behind the statements that he has publicly made. There might be dozens of people who are willing to testify to some version of “truth,” but many of the claims that Greer has been made have been publicly called out as false. At one point, Greer says that he briefed the CIA director about the Disclosure Project and that the whole conspiracy was going to be exposed.

The only problem is that no one remembers such a briefing. As it was put in an open letter to Greer, attending a party where others were in attendance does not mean they were briefed on anything. There was no conversation about UFOs that happened unless Greer sneaked up behind the CIA director and whispered his theories just so he could say that the director had been briefed.

The problem with Dr. Steven Greer is that his facts are just claims. There is no evidence. Blaming the fact that no investigation into his claims took place because of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, is ludicrous. The Disclosure Project press conference that started this hoax was in May 2011. No investigation happened in 4 months because there wasn’t anything to investigate.

Greer Plays to the Average Person’s Paranoia

The reason why the information that Greer presents is compelling to a certain population demographic is because they are already hesitant to trust what their government says. Many people believe that there are highly classified documents that will never see the light of day and that makes the existence of alien life entirely possible.

It gets even better: every major technological breakthrough that humanity has achieved has come from reverse engineering alien knowledge and technology. Greer claims that this practice dates back as far as the time of Nikola Tesla. We’ve even got the ability to create anti-gravity propulsion devices, but that because this technology would change how governments are run, it is being artificially supressed so that current political leaders can stay in power.

There’s nothing wrong with the end goal that Greer is promoting. He wants to convert to these alien technologies to help the environment and encourage technological development. Those are great goals. If only they were based on fact instead of fiction, we would all be a lot better off.