Black Knight Satellite Debunked

There are hundreds of satellites that orbit around our planet every day. Since the days of Sputnik, humans have been sending up satellites because they offer us a number of advantages. Television, internet, and many forms of modern communication happen because of satellites. There is one satellite, however, called the Black Knight, that some believe is different than the rest. It’s in a polar orbit and it has been there for 13,000 years.

There’s only one answer for this: aliens. They’re not saying it could be aliens, but its aliens. It’s also a theory that has been thoroughly debunked already.

Why Is the Satellite Believed to Exist?

In February of 1954, the US Air Force released a report that they had detected two objects in orbit that had a very erratic movement. At the time, no satellites had been put into orbit by humanity. This was all according to aviation major and a UFO researcher and his interview was published in two American newspapers. This was followed up 6 years later with the US Navy reporting that they were tracking the orbit of an erratic satellite.

As for the Air Force story, it can neither be proven nor eliminated as false. The statements are of one man. The US Navy story, however, was later proven to be fragments of a Discoverer satellite that had been recently launched.

About a decade later, Duncan Lunan took data from Norwegian radio researchers who believed they had found an unusual signal. As Lunan studied the signals, he believed that he found a pattern. He compared it to a star chart and came up with proof that the radio data was actually pointing to a star origin from Epsilon Bootis. The signals were coming from a polar orbit satellite. Once Lunan realized the data he was studying was flawed, however, he immediately withdrew his conclusions.

What About the Images of the Satellite?

In 1998, a space mission captured a black image floating in orbit around the planet. The images have circulated around the internet widely because they look to be quite probable. The photographs of the dark image have also been authenticated. Some believe that these images are actually of the Pakal Spacecraft and isn’t a satellite. Others believe that it is a discarded thermal blanket from a previous space mission.

There is proof that there is something in orbit around the planet right now. It has been observed and is being tracked. If people wish to believe in the idea of extraterrestrial life placing a satellite in orbit, then there is no real harm in it. Jumping to conclusions when there aren’t facts to support them, however, is the hallmark of any good conspiracy theory.

Sometimes it is fine to just say “I don’t know.” What are the Black Knight satellite images? We don’t know. We do know, however, that parts of the story behind the satellite have been debunked and withdrawn, meaning that mysterious images and one man’s story from six decades ago are the foundation of this theory. Make your own decision.