Assisted Suicide Pros and Cons List

Assisted suicide, also referred to as euthanasia, is a hot topic in today’s world. What it means is that a person who is terminally ill and near death can opt to be killed, by a licensed physician. This is often done by a pill or injection and is painless for the person. There are many moral, religious, and ethical issues standing in the way of this practice. As of today it is only legal in 4 states in the U.S.

Pros of Assisted Suicide

1. Eliminate Pain and Suffering
One of the main pros of assisted suicide is the fact that pain and suffering can be stopped and the patient can finally be done with that distress. It can be considered humane to stop the pain of someone who is going to die soon and help them stop hurting. An individual may choose this very reason why they want help ending their lives and that is a choice they can sometimes legally make. Getting past a condition that will leave them suffering during the last days of their lives is the only some patients want and may get help doing it.

2. Get Control Over Your Own Life
Another pro may be the fact that everyone may have control over their own lives and if they want to continue it or not. Freedom is held in such high regard in most societies and being free to do what you want when it concerns yourself is very important to many people. The patient may also want their families to save money on medical expenses and not have to watch their family member continue to live in pain when they will be dying anyway.

Cons of Assisted Suicide

1. Irrational Thinking
A possible con to assisted suicide may be the fact that the patient may be in a mind state that prevents them from making the most rational decision and could request an assisted suicide procedure without thinking clearly.

2. Confliction with Faith
There is also a faith aspect to it that can conflict with the principals of one’s religion and can make a person or their families to oppose it. It is also possible that this option comes up too quickly without exhausting every avenue that could lead to the improvement of the patient.

There are so many factors and important things to consider when a person is thinking about assisted suicide and it should obviously be done with the help of family members and physicians who are knowledgeable and compassionate. It may always be a serious difference of opinion on whether or not it should be legal at all and should only be a last resort for those who may want to explore it.