List of Pros and Cons of Human Cloning

We live in a time of miracles. Science is pushing our technology into the realm of science fiction. We have tablets, and Computer eye glasses, and smart watches. Even our televisions are starting to be more high tech then the computers used to land on the moon in the sixties. Medical science is no different. We live in a time where cloning is a possibility. Cloning is a hot button topic right now. There is no middle ground, it is a subject that had polarized people and keeps us talking. What are the ramifications of cloning a human being? What are the pros of cloning one? What are the cons of cloning a man?

Sometimes our scientist, to paraphrase a great character, are so obsessed with if they can clone, they never consider whether they should in the first place. What this article will do is discuss the pros and cons of human cloning. It will discuss these issues from a neutral point of view and will attempt to stay in the grey area. What this article will not do is offer its opinion on what is right or wrong.

List of Pros of Human Cloning

1. Revolutionizes Medical Conditions
These come from two points of views, scientific research and medical advancement. The field of human cloning could usher in a new renaissance of learning. Stem cell research and organ replacement therapy are just two of the fields that would revolutionize aging human conditions. Not to mention that the stem cell field could cure, cancer, Alzheimer, or all manners of degrading organ conditions.

2. Cure for Degrading Organs
As far as medical advancement, immortality is within the reach of the common man. Replacing an organ whenever it fails, never having a heart attack cause the parts that are in danger of breaking just being replace by a cloned version.

List of Cons of Human Cloning

1. Conflicts of Religious Points of View
The cons come from a two sided point of view, religious and human rights. The first is a religious point of view. People of faith claim that the creation of life is the purview of only one being, the eternal god. By whatever name you pray to him by, the good books all agree. God loves, man kills. It is less an argument based of fact than belief. Sometimes that’s all you need, is a strong belief to deem something wrong.

2. Conflict of Human Rights
The second is from a human rights stand point. What rights under our laws does a person have? Do those rights extend to a clone of a given person? If they do not, are they considered property? Then who’s property? The company that cloned the being? Or the person who it was cloned from it? These are murky legal situations at best, and until they are sorted out it places this issue defiantly in the con category.