Social Networking Pros and Cons List

Do you think social networking sucks? Do you think social networking is a waste of time and that you can spend your time doing bigger and better things? What about you are you the type that loves to social network so you spend all day social networking including when you should be at work? You are going to find people who will tell you that social networking is awesome and you should develop your whole world around it and then there are those who are going to tell you that Social networking is a time suck and that you should learn to build real relationships outside of this digital world. Let us look at both sides of the coin that way you can decide for yourself if social networking is an endeavor you want to pursue.

List of Pros of Social Networking

1. Meet New Friends
One of the great joys in this life is being able to build relationships with each other. Social networking takes that to a whole new level. It allows us the opportunity to meet new friends and share with each other our own world by sharing videos or sharing stories about things that happened during our day. For some that means they are not alone in this world and having those friends through Social Networking brightens their day and gives them something to look forward too.

2. Create a Business for Yourself
Tired of working a regular 9-5 job? Are you tired of having to get up early or work odd hours or having to work so many hours that you barely have any time to spend with your spouse, girlfriend or your kids? Social networking has bridged the gap and given people like you and me the opportunity to go into business for ourselves. As we all know advertising is expensive so paying hundreds of dollars to put up an ad on a billboard or put an ad in print is not the only way to build a business now. If you have no clue how to even start a business and want to learn more Social Networking provides you the tools and resources you will need to do that. Be careful there are scammers out there just looking for a buck and you can find a lot of great tips and tricks for free if you just take the time and look for it.

3. Spread the Word Quicker to Reach More People for Good Causes
Thanks to the reach of social networking when there is a good cause to share you can share it and it can go viral within minutes. Lives can be changed with only a few clicks. Thousands of people have been given second chances or even been able to get their feet into doors where they otherwise would not have been able to if it had not been for social networking.

4. Can Be Used To Teach the Upcoming Generation
Teachers have a hard time getting kid’s attention to teach them about the many different subjects but thanks to Social Networking teachers can share with their students and interact with them. Thanks to social networking kids are getting better grades because of it.

List of Cons of Social Networking

1. Time Consuming
All of us believe our time is precious and we all have our different priorities. Social Networking because of the plethora of ways there are for us to be able to social network if not careful your time can be wasted that you could have spent elsewhere on other things. No one likes to have their time wasted. Social networking can be a huge time suck and take us away from the most important things in our life. Time is like a hammer pounding nails all day. It is up to use how we use that time and it is our use of time which will determine what we create.

2. Expectations to Always Be Connected
When it comes down to it you never really leave the social networking world. You are always connected especially if you have a smartphone/tablet or any other type of device that allows you to connect through Wi-Fi. You can talk to people no matter where you go and some even expect to be able to get a hold of you at the drop of a hat and even might get irritated when we do not respond quick enough. It can be incredibly difficult to disconnect once connected.

3. Too Many Networks
There are so many social networking tools out there that it can be impossible to choose from. With over 6 billion people in this world how on earth are you supposed to even decide which one to use. Which one is the better one and which one, will you be able to connect with the right people to find those crucial relationships. Social networking is all about making connections and talking to the right person or person who can help us get where we are going. In social networking there are so many networks that it makes it very hard to do that.

4. Spammers
With Social Networking being so big and popular people use this as a way to spam the crap out of people with what they think will change your life for the better. Spammers are annoying and those that have the smarts will get your information and email you or message you trying to offer a life changing solution to all of your problems.