Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Food

Organic food has gained quite a bit popularity in recent years. There are strict guide lines set in place for a food to be labelled organic, some of these include: no pesticides can be used, no artificial hormones, and no chemicals. This includes not only on the product themselves, but in the soil and water used to grow them too. There have been arguments about the benefits of organic foods, as well as people who come out saying it is all just hype. Let’s get into the real meat of this topic.

Advantages of Organic Food

• Healthier – Organic food is considered healthier for a few different reasons. The main one being that no pesticides are present on the food, which may have harmful health effects.

• Antioxidants – One of the main advantages of organic food is it contains high amount of antioxidants. Our body need these elements in order to keep our system healthy and can prevent diseases or illnesses to attack us.

• Taste Good – As organic foods does not undergone any artificial growth or structural changes, it really tastes good. It offers a distinct taste. For example, organic fruits taste sweeter and delicious that typical fruits that aren’t’ produced naturally.

• Prevents Disease – Studies revealed that organic foods can help your body to prevent disease even cancer. This is because food products are cultivated using artificial growers or fertilizers has certain component that can increase the risk of developing disease like cancer.

• Maintains a Clean System – Organic food is also the best choice if you want to cleanse your system. This food is very effective to eradicate the impurities in the system.


• Expensive – Organic food are more expensive than non-organic food. The reason why it is pricey is the farmer commits his time and energy to cultivate such products. When you go to the grocery store, organic food section has different prices than the normal fruit or vegetable section. Typically only people who are well-off who can afford to purchase organic food because they are pricey that is why it is hard to add organic foods into your diet if you cannot afford.

• Rare to Find – Since the products from organic farming requires time to harvest. You cannot find them everywhere or anytime. You have to do your research to look for store that is selling organic food products. This can surely waste your time and effort.

Finally, organic foods offer more on its advantage side as compared to usual food products this is because it contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also an effective way to protect your body from the toxins you can get from non organic foods. Knowing the advantage and disadvantage of organic food can certainly help you achieve something.