Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records

One of the most in demand health care systems that are commonly used by doctors and other health professionals is the electronic health records. This is one of the most easiest and convenient types that greatly helps in managing patients’ records. This is very efficient to some healthcare institutions like hospitals and many others specifically if there are immense numbers of patients to accommodate. Although there are several advantages that this electronic health records provide, still there are some points where using this would also be disadvantageous.

Advantages of Electronic Health Records

Protect the privacy of the patient.
Privacy issues of patients are commonly at risk especially of their records are only been given using paper and pen only. Even if the hospital of the healthcare institution has their security breach but still all your health records are not secured. Using this electronic health records is very efficient in enhancing privacy of every patient since your records would be centralized and would always be given to you in a digital format. This record would always be addresses to you personally for your own privacy.

Organize health records.
Since health records should be always updated as soon as doctors or physicians have assessed or examined a patient, they must be able to utilized regular changes on the records of their patients. This could not be a big problem anymore since electronic health record can effectively update all the information easily. This provides accurate and current information of the patient at the point where they are being monitored by their doctors.

Reduce cost of patients health records.
The use of this electronic health record is very efficient in reducing the cost of their records through a decreased in their paper work at the same time improving the safety of the patient. This also reduces duplication of doctor’s assessment and effectively improved the health of the entire patient.

Disadvantages of Electronic Health Record

Buying an electronic gadget will cost too much.
Although this could effectively let doctors and other physicians feel at ease in creating and updating the medical records of their patient, but still this could cost too much. You need to buy the equipment in order to record and securely stored your patient’s data. It would also be an additional expense for those physicians and doctors who don’t have the knowledge in manipulating the electronic device hence they need to undergo specialized trainings.

Privacy difficulty concern.
Although this is a device that manifest complete and highly secured records of the patient but still doctor need to make sure that they are going to follow certain privacy protocols of the electronic device. Not following on this protocol might lead your patient’s records at risk since there are some who are creating reliable records but completely violating the privacy rules.

Deficient standardized terminologies.
The device doesn’t have its standardized terminology that promotes flexibility of the system and acquiring the ability for all diverse requirements from varieties of health care disciplines.

Electronic health records are very important in providing better health and assistance to all the patients who are highly in need of proper attention and medication. This is considered to be one of the most in demand ways that greatly help physicians and patients who are in need of accurate and reliable records. Although there are some flaws on this gadget, it would still be very convenient for doctors to use this a part of their medical and health care assistance given to their patients.