Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

With its growing popularity, many people tend to question the strengths and possible drawbacks of hybrid cars. Hybrid cards are well known to have an excellent gas mileage, but people are not very familiar with its ever improving performance. They are not just producing lower emissions and more efficient than gas powered cars, but their performance is continuing to enhance because of the technology. Once, hybrid cars were accused of being gutless than average gas powered engines. Hybrid cars have multiple great features and offer superb quality brakes and high performance steering.



Advantages of Hybrid Cars

  • Performance Improvements – Since the advancement of technology almost affects everything, it allowed hybrids to have the same kind of performance as gas powered cars and they continue to develop, improving their efficiency, reducing emissions and getting better mileage even further.


  • Regenerating Brakes – Each time a driver brakes, the battery is recharged a little and therefore, it eliminates the need for stopping to recharge a car’s battery periodically.


  • Incentives – Changing from federally and state to state, hybrid cars may come with savings and a tax benefit in the form of much less bucks spent on fuel.


  • Clean Energy – Unlike gas powered cars, hybrid cars do not emit polluted gas. A gas powered engine and an electric motor make a hybrid car that has a better gas mileage and lower emissions. Hybrid cars conserve energy while having the standard engine power sufficiently.


  • Lower Fossil Fuel Dependence – Since hybrid cars are a lot cleaner and need less fossil fuel to operate and run them, they help reduce the dependence on foreign oil and do their part to lower prices domestically.


  • Smaller Engine – Since it has a smaller engine, it is lightweight. Since there’s less cylinder displacement, the engine doesn’t have to work hard and it uses far less fuel in the process.


  • Lightweight – It is constructed using lighter materials and hybrid cars do not have to use as much energy as other cars to do similar tasks.


  • Higher Resale Values – As lot of people turn to hybrid cars to protect the environment and help save money on annual fuel bills. These also command higher resale values. Honda and Toyota offer hybrid cars on the market. If you have a hybrid car and plan to sell it, you can have better profit out of it.



Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

  • Lower Power Output – This kind of automobile is built for economy, not for speed. The total power output of the hybrid platform is quite lesser compared to gas powered cars.


  • Higher Center of Gravity – The center gravity of this car and weight distribution has an enormous effect on how it drives. The safest and easiest place for batteries is to be in the rear of the car.


  • Poorer Handling – This type of car does not handle much compare to normal cars. The primary reason is the weight. They have less support in the body and suspension and have less bracing as well.


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