Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Therapy

Therapy is part of the healing and curing process that a person suffering from any type of problems may need. To attain total recovery, some people need certain type of therapy. One of the most common ways to obtain therapy is through the so called group therapy. The group therapy is also called as the group psychotherapy. The group therapy manifests when a one or more therapists accommodate a small group of people or clients as a group. In the broader concept of group therapy it also includes any process and methods that can help the people to attain total recovery. Methods and healing process such as support group and skills training groups are included. Common forms of therapies that group of people can do together are music therapy, dance therapy, art therapy and other non verbal expressive therapies.

Group therapy can relatively be good for some people. However, there are some cases that group therapy is not suitable for some people due to some factors. There are many factors that a person should consider before getting group therapy sessions. Medical experts will only recommend group therapy if he or she believes that group therapy may cause positive results towards the condition of the person. Advantages and disadvantages of group therapy are listed below:

Advantages of Group Therapy

Diversity of Opinions – Through group therapy, all patients may have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings can relatively help the people to express his or her whole being. It can be the best way that a person can do to be able to let go of some negative feelings and ideas. It can give the person the sense of freedom to finally express his or her feelings and ideas to the people that he or she thinks can understand it.

Establishing Camaraderie and Social Support – Group therapy can also empower the people to meet new people and establish camaraderie. Social support is also an effective way to let the person heal from any negative thoughts.

Group Interaction – Group therapy can empower the people to discuss some things together. Giving each member to share some ideas and feelings about the certain topic.

Disadvantages of Group Therapy

Limited Privacy – Getting a therapy with some strange people may give the person the sense of loss of privacy. Some people may not feel comfortable sharing some past issues, thoughts and feelings with other people. Large group discussion may break the confidentiality of some personal information

Personality Clashing – Group therapy composes of different people with different personalities. Group discussion may cause clashing of different opinions and ideas. Group therapy may not cause positive outcome for some people who are having a hard time to interact with other people.

Loss of trust – A person may have a hard time to share some of his or her thoughts, ideas and feelings which may lead to make the therapy useless. Trust towards the therapists is very important. Through large group therapy establishing trust between patients to therapists may be hard to attain.