Video Games Pros and Cons List

Pretty much everyone likes to play a video game now and then. Whether it is for entertainment or to just blow off some steam, everyone enjoys it. It can be a great excuse for friends to hang out with each other, and for some other people, it can even be the career of their dreams.

There are many different factors that need to be taken into account when deciding if video games provide more benefits than harm to people.

Pros of Video Games

1. Videos Games Improve Coordination
In most video games people grab a controller and watch the screen, and act as fast as they possibly can according to what is happening on the screen. This helps people improve coordination, it improves dexterity, and in some cases, it even improves reflexes.

2. Promotes Puzzle Solving Skills and Logical Thinking
A lot of video games require the player to go through a determined puzzle to advance in the storyline or to get to the next phase of the game. This helps the development of problem solving abilities and logical thinking, which can be used in real life.

3. Increases Social Interaction
Multiplayer video games improve teamwork, cooperation, and in some cases are a great way for social interaction. While players need to work cooperatively and act as a team to win the game, they need to communicate with each other in order to achieve success. This type of teamwork can be used in real life to improve team activities and possibly facilitate employment.

Cons of Video Games

1. Can Become Addictive
There is a big level of addictiveness in certain video games. People who are unable to deal with their problems might just resort to go to video games in order to escape their problems. It might be rare and uncommon, but some players have actually lost their jobs and lives over video games. In some severe and rare cases, players died because they did not stop playing to go eat or sleep.

2. Promotes Violence
Another downside is that video games may contain and even promote violence. A lot of video games nowadays are focused on violence and they’re all about the thrill of the fight. The problem here is that not only it exposes children to content too mature for them, it is believed it desensitizes them from real life violence, increasing the chances of violent behavior in them.

3. Promotes Poor Health
Finally, video games promote poor health in general. We need sunlight for some vitamins to work on our body, and while we are playing video games, we are not getting a lot of sunlight. On top of that, video games do not promote a lot of physical activity.