Zeitgeist Debunked

One of the most viewed videos on Google ever is called Zeitgeist. It was initially posted in 2007 and purports to have all of the answers to all of the big questions that we all have about life today. From the events that surround September 11th to the real reasons why Christianity is a religion, a lot of people felt like they had an epiphany when they saw this movie. They believed that they had finally had their eyes opened to the real, awful truth of the world today.

At its core, what is nice about Zeitgeist is that it seems to be encouraging free thinking. It wants people to give some extra thought to the events that are around them and to test everything that they see to determine if it is real or not. The only problem with this is that the documentary is demanding conformity. It presents facts as inarguable 100% truth. Because of this, it is a movie that can easily be debunked.

Ways to Tell It Isn’t As Real As It Seems

There’s only one man involved. Peter Joseph is the man behind the film. He wrote it, produced it, and even conducted the musical score. He did everything. This means that when you’re watching the movie, you’re watching one man’s view of the world. Nothing more.

2. It’s full of conspiracy theories. In order to prove his point, Joseph uses a number of conspiracy theories that have already been proven to be false. The only issue is that people who don’t generally subscribe to a conspiracy theory probably haven’t heard the information before. Joesph exploits that fact.

3. It’s God’s Sun, silly. Joesph contends that people have worshiped the sun for centuries and that’s why they look to the heavens for salvation. Jesus isn’t God’s son, as the Bible contends. He’s God’s “sun” instead. The two words sound the same in the English language, so this is used as one of the sole bases of debunking a major world religion. Then Horus is replaced for Jesus and insert a facepalm.

4. Americans made 9/11 happen. Because Christianity is behind a series of misinformation, then it is an obvious conclusion that America, a Christian nation, would be behind the 9/11 attacks. Sure the twin towers were built to withstand a 707, but that’s because it was the largest plane at the time. It was a 767 that actually hit the building and it was full of fuel. There’s a big difference there.

5. There are obvious lies. One of the most obvious lies is that Joesph tells people that there is no mention of Building #7 of the World Trade Center listed in the 9/11 Commission Report. If you fact-check this statement, you’ll find it to be incorrect.

Everyone lies at some point, but any fact-based documentary with a lie deserves more scrutiny instead of blind truth. When that happens, Joesph’s story rapidly falls apart. People will continue to believe the film if they so choose, but that’s only because they’re unwilling for whatever reason to check the facts. If they did, they would probably regret the time they spent watching the film.