Tongue Piercing Pros and Cons List

Body modification isn’t just about tattoos. It also includes piercings. Some of the most common piercings that people receive are the ears, the nose and the tongue. While the ears are the most popular, and noses being a close second, the runner-up is the tongue and it is quickly gaining popularity in many cultures. Tongue piercings, like any other kind, should be thought through thoroughly before it is done. There are a lot of things that one should consider when getting this kind of piercing. Having more knowledge before you get your piercing can help you down the road.

Pros of Tongue Piercing

1. Strong Confidence
If it makes you feel better about yourself, you may find that you have more confidence. Confidence makes you more approachable and can help make you more successful in life. While it may take some time to get used, if it fits you, then go for it.

2. Easily Change Settings
Most settings for a tongue piercing can be changed easily. With a variety of styles, colors and adornments, you should have little to no problem finding one that you like. If you get tired of it, the new possibilities are endless!

3. Little Chance of Infection
A tongue piercing, like a nose, is kind of hard to mess up if your piercing artist knows what they are doing. If done right, there is little chance of infection or it being in an area of the tongue that rejects the pierce.

4. Removal is Easy
If you decide that a tongue piercing is no longer what you want, you can simply take it out. It should heal within a couple of weeks and you should have no scar on the tongue (though some minor tissue damage may happen).

Cons of Tongue Piercing

1. Requires Some Maintenance
Just as with any piercing, the tongue piercing can get infected if it isn’t taken care of. Your piercing artist should tell you how to keep the new piercing clean so you reduce your chance of infection. Tips include mouth washing, brushing regularly but gently, and staying way from sugary foods.

2. Weakened Teeth or Chipping
Your teeth are the gateway to the mouth and if you hit the back of your teeth too any times with the balls on the piercing, you may find that your teeth are weaker or may even chip. So be careful when talking or eating.

3. Tissue and Muscle Damage
Tissue and muscle damage can happen to the tongue when it gets pierced. The healing process may be slower and if you damage the tongue while the piecing is new, you could cause permanent damage. Keeping a healthy mouth can also prevent damage and rejection.

4. Issues with Social Acceptance
You may talk funny for a few days or even a couple of weeks until you get used to the piercing. This can cause social problems for your or may even become a problem when it comes to your career so always be aware of the impact several weeks in advance while you are healing.

Just as with any piercing you want to be sure that you are well-informed and that your piercing artist explains everything to you. They should recommend cleaning products that can help you heal quicker and safely, and should recommend ways that you can get used to your piercing so that you don’t have to upset your life too much or for too long while you get used to it.

Just a note: If you lose all feeling in your tongue or it starts to turn odd colors that go beyond the piercing edges, see your doctor immediately as this may be a sign of a life threatening problem.