Is consensus process the key to freedom? I have been pretty convinced that this is the case working my heart out at Occupy Wall st. for the last two months, but my confidence is faltering and it is important to ask why that is.

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Photo: Alex Fradkin

On October 1st I was arrested for the first time in my adult life while standing on the Brooklyn Bridge with about a thousand protesters as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement that was already two weeks old by the time I made my first visit.  I wanted to record the story for my own sake as well as those who want to know what it was like to be there.

First, I want to say that I did not go to the Wall Street occupation hoping to cause trouble or get into a confrontation with the police.  In fact, it was a goal I stated to myself and my wife to avoid, in any way possible, any situations that might lead to incarcaration.  I am 36 years old and I have a 3 ½ year old daughter.  I am not one of those people who seek out controversy or confrontation.  I wanted to go see the occupation.  I wanted to put in a presence to show my support for all those who were a lot more committed to a revolution that I not only believe in but have been waiting my whole life to see.

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In the spirit of non-Academic work, that is, work that is relevant for non-academics, I lay out something of an insider’s view on the Occupy Movement (OM) and a strategy going forward. I happily admit that I already see much of this strategy taking place; the ideas are not entirely my own nor are they novel, then again, few ideas are. The important part here is that these strategies can be useful in the most difficult battle—the battle for hearts and minds of the general public.[1] This essay is directed towards those involved with the OM as a way to understand those uninvolved, the bystanders that matter so much for the outcome. The general audience of bystanders is who we must reach.

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We respectfully desire to introduce you to Socioeconomic Democracy, an advanced socioeconomic system which can and eventually will significantly help to realize your, and eventually all humanity's, legitimate thirst for universal justice, democracy, peace and well being. We commit to being available to you for any assistance, clarification, further general development, and specific application you may desire and request.

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There is a growing convergence of thinking about where the US Occupy movement should go as a next step to turning its values, concerns and commitments into changing what most Americans see as broken government under control of corporate interests. When it comes to political and social movements, history shows us that they usually fail not because they disappear, but rather because they become marginalized, unimportant despite a core group of committed people and groups.

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Politicians are attacking Medicare and Medicaid on all sides--Democrats and Republicans alike. Obama's national health care bill will slash hundreds of billions from Medicare over the next decade, an act supported by so-called "progressive" Democrats. Soon after this "victory" Obama created the Super Committee to balance the budget, which included automatic  "triggers"-- if no decision was reached -- that are now slated to cut $600 billion more from Medicare.     

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I’ve pitched my tent down in Zuccotti Park.

and I haven’t a buck to pay for food.

I have not joined in merely for a lark.

I wish I had the way to make this good--

a stand in greedy Wall-Street’s neighborhood.

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