No Child Left Behind Pros and Cons List

The No Child Left Behind Act or NCLB is the reauthorization of the education act in the U.S. The act supports standardized educational reforms for students studying in different educational institutions like elementary and secondary schools as well as universities. It enables for the provision of high standards and evaluable objectives in the education system. Educational institutions covered by this act are supposed to develop basic skills evaluations for their students to ensure that each student’s progress is always monitored. The act serves as support for the less privileged students across America.

For several years, this act has generated a lot of controversy in American educational programs. Many people argue that the benefits for the students are not satisfactory. The policy was implemented for the welfare of American students studying in different American educational institutions. But on the other hand it has come with so many pros and cons among the eyes of the American people who’ve already attested to its impact on the quality and standard of education in the country. This article will discuss the pros and cons behind this act.

List of Pros of No Child Left Behind

1. Equal Access to Education
The act prevents the achievement gap in the overall academic performance of students in American schools. Every disadvantaged student will get the opportunity to improve their skills to match those of advanced or intelligent students.

2. Higher Standards
Educational institutions are supposed to enforce higher standards in different academic activities so as to persuade students to work harder and improve performance.

3. Increased Competition
The American educational system will become more advanced and competitive because private and government institutions will employ the best tutors in areas of teaching.

4. Improved Reform
Since the act was implemented, there has been a huge increase in the number of students attending American schools. For this, many people are satisfied with the educational reforms.

List of Cons of No Child Left Behind

Although the NCLB act brought about significant enhancements to the American educational system, some people were not satisfied with its implementation because of the disadvantages that came along with it.

1. Lack of Access for Special Needs
The act did not establish good reforms and enhancement procedures for students requiring special education. It seems like the implementation of this act did not cater for students in the field of special education. This goes to mean that students with learning disabilities will not enjoy the benefits of the reform.

2. Academic Difficulty
The act is a threat to the future of students who are not very intelligent because of its higher standards of learning outcomes for students.

3. Lack of Student Ambition
Many students are bound to give up quicker because of the academic challenges they will face due to the act.

4. Increased Investment Required
The act requires a significant amount of investment, which is much higher than the federal government’s budget allocation for the American educational system and programs.