List of Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigration

Our knee jerk reaction when we read the word illegal is to automatically assume that there are no advantages to the situation. However, illegal immigration is a much more complex issue than what meets the eye. Immigrants do not cross the border because they wish to break the law, they do so because they seek a better life for themselves. Let’s take a moment to examine the pros and cons.

Pros of Illegal Immigration

1. Inexpensive Labor
Illegal immigrants provide a source of inexpensive labor for business owners who are willing to take a chance on them. While you may hear people complain that they are “taking all of our jobs”, when is the last time you saw an illegal immigrant working a job that you were jealous of? Having a cheap source of labor for filling low wage jobs helps the economy.

2. Boosts the Economy
Illegal immigrants provide a much needed boost to the economy by paying sales taxes on the items that they purchase. This is money that has immediate economic impact. Illegal immigrants also provide a new and varied customer base that allows for the success of more products, goods, and services. By increasing the overall customer base that businessmen have access to, this spurs economic growth.

3. Assists Economically Depressed Communities
These immigrants are able and willing to rent homes in neighborhoods that have typically been economically depressed, which boosts the economy by providing a new source of income that renters have not been able to access. By opening bank accounts in order to deposit their earnings, the interest paid also delivers a boost to the economy.

Cons of Illegal Immigration

1. Crime Committed by Illegals
If a crime is committed by an illegal immigrant and they simply flee back to their home country, there is very little recourse for the person who has been wronged. For example, an illegal immigrant may be operating a motor vehicle without a license or insurance. If they collide with another driver, that driver is forced to take care of their physical pain and any damage that the vehicle sustained out of their own pocket.

2. Overpopulation
The country is already heading for an overpopulation issues and illegal immigration does not help matters. When a nation becomes overpopulated, this places a great deal of strain on a variety of public services, including transportation. Urban neighborhoods are at the greatest risk, as they are areas of high congestion.

3. Crimes of Human Trafficking
When illegal immigration is allowed to thrive, this leads to an increase in the very serious crime of human trafficking. When home and business owners become accustomed to obtaining inexpensive labor, this leads to a unhealthy dependence upon it. Illegal immigration creates an insatiable demand for workers who come cheap and do not ask questions. Once this happens, the rules tend to get bent, on both sides.