Modern Day Slavery Statistics

Modern Slavery Statistics

Modern slavery is very common around the world. In fact, it is by far estimated that there are twenty-nine point eight million people who are living in the present modern slavery.

Defining Forms of Modern Day Slavery

Actually, modern slavery mainly includes forced labor, slavery and human trafficking. On the other hand, slavery is presently defined as the condition wherein a person is treated as if he is a property. Forced labor is considered to be a work that is taken without the consent of a worker or employee. Coercion and threats are seen as the signs of forcing other people to work.

Apart from it, human trafficking is a process wherein people are purchased by means of coercion or threats, deception to be enslaved and be exploited.

Biggest Enslaved Nations

On the other hand, enslaved people have reached the highest occurrence in Mauritania, with three point ninety-nine percent; Haiti with two point six percent; and Pakistan with one point nineteen percent; India with one point thirteen percent; Nepal and Moldova with point ninety-four percent; Benin with point eighty percent; Cote D’Ivoire with point seventy-nine percent; The Gambia with point seventy-eight percent; and Gabon with eighty-four percent. Take note that the percentages mentioned pertain on the total population who are living in the modern slavery.
Just imagine how the rights of people are often violated and stepped on by well-off or affluent people. They also deserved to live as human beings and not as mere slaves. For sure, they never like the idea of becoming enslaved people as they also want to feel life as what it is. They also want to live life to the fullest and pursue their own dreams.

Unequal Treatment

As compared to the well-off people or those who are regarded to be high profiles in the society, they already have all the means to live their happy and contented lives. What about the poor ones or the slaves? They lack in terms of having even the most basic necessities that even their dignities are thrown at the trash. They do not even have self-respect because being enslaved means working beyond the normal working hours or normal working processes, rules or conditions.

On the other hand, there are countries listed to have the highest number of people treated as slaves. India even has thirteen million nine-hundred fifty-six thousand and ten enslaved people; China with two million nine-hundred forty-nine thousand two-hundred forty-three enslaved people; Pakistan with two million one-hundred twenty-seven thousand one-hundred thirty two enslaved people; Nigeria with seven-hundred one thousand and thirty two enslaved people; Ethiopia with six-hundred fifty-one thousand and one-hundred ten enslaved people; Russia with five-hundred sixteen thousand two-hundred seventeen enslaved people; Thailand with four-hundred thousand seventy-two thousand eight hundred eleven enslaved people; Democratic Republic of the Congo with four-hundred sixty-two thousand three-hundred twenty-seven enslaved people; Myanmar with three-hundred eighty-four thousand and thirty-seven enslaved people; and Bangladesh with three-hundred forty-three thousand one hundred ninety-two enslaved people.

Since India has the highest number of enslaved people, it may be because the country belongs to the third-world countries. The top two countries to have the highest number of enslaved people are India and China. As you can see, these countries have big populations and continue their progress.