List of Pros and Cons of Living in Seattle

Seattle has a well-earned reputation as one of the busiest cities in the west. In business, technology and art, Seattle is the dominant player in the pacific northwest, with a vast cultural influence reaching across the world. Still, no city is perfect for everyone. Whether this city’s uniqueness are what makes it great or what makes it frustrating depends on who you’re talking to.

List of Pros of Living in Seattle

1. Versatile Climate and Weather
In order to like Seattle, it helps to like the climate. Seattle is incredibly green and verdant, with many opportunities to explore and play in nature. The pacific northwest has extremely mild weather, with cool summers and warm, wet winters, and there’s a variety of outdoor activities available.

2. High Minimum Wage
Seattle’s economy is also somewhat distinctive. The Seattle City Council recently passed legislation raising the minimum wage to a nation-high $15. This in addition to the low income taxes, this makes Seattle one of the best-paying locations for low income jobs. For employers, however, this can make things a little difficult. High wages and a high income tax makes Seattle an expensive place to run a business, and may contribute to the raised prices of goods and services throughout the city.

3. Top Educated State in America
Seattle is one of the best-educated cities in the country, with 1 in 4 residents possessing master’s degrees—the same fraction that has bachelor’s degrees in the country at large. University of Washington Seattle is the flagship campus of the UW system and a top ranked public university. This makes the competition for entry-level jobs very fierce, many of which require bachelor’s degrees.

List of Cons of Living in Seattle

1. Get Use to Rain
The rainy winters can last a little too long, especially compared to other big west coast cities like San Francisco. Although there’s relatively little snow or other cold-weather hazards, the overcast days can drag on, and the summer never gets that hot.

2. Difficult to Meet New People
When some complainers talk about the “Seattle Freeze,” though, they’re not talking about the weather. Many Seattle newcomers find it difficult to make new friends. While many people appreciate the polite, reserved attitude that is associated with the city, others find it standoffish and insincere. Many of Seattle’s early communities had many Nordic immigrants, and it’s speculated that some of the quiet, private cultural norms come from tenancies associated with those communities. Nonetheless, Seattleites are polite, well intentioned, but perhaps a little introverted for some tastes.

3. Limited Transportation Infrastructure
Seattle’s transportation infrastructure is limited compared to other big cities. Highways are crowded and public transportation can be difficult to find. This can make journeys lengthy. However, this gives the different districts a more distinct identity, as neighborhoods grow to be more self-sufficient. Each Seattle neighborhood has a distinct feel, with less of a defined central hub than most cities of its size.

Seattle is a unique and distinctive city, and many people have strong feelings about it, positive and negative. By understanding some of the features that make the city work the way it does, one can start to understand the experiences of the people living there.