Juicing Pros and Cons List

We all want a healthier life. Everyone wants to feel and look better. How do we accomplish this though? Is it through diet and exercise, maybe both. Juicing has gotten a lot of buzz lately. If you don’t juice, you know of someone who does. Every health phenomenon has its good and bad traits. Juicing is no exception. Having a working knowledge of the health benefits, results and risks, if any is a great way to start. Exploring juicing may be just the thing for you to do.

Everyone is busy, very busy. We as a society do not eat well. You grab a bite here and there. Breakfast is in the car, lunch might be delivered and dinner is take out. Do you even have the time to cook a good meal? If you could have something that tastes wonderful and was good for you, that would be stellar.

List of Pros of Juicing

1. Healthy Choice
Juicing can be magic for our hectic lives. You pick the ingredients you want, and like magic, a great drink. Juices contain healthy vitamins and minerals our bodies lack. You cannot be healthy eating take out all the time. We need that solid base of quality nutrition. Everyone loves a treat now and then, but it will not carry you through. Your body needs good fuel, energy to be at its optimum. Juicing can help you achieve that for sure. You might need to tweak a recipe here and there, but your combination is there.

2. Fun for Kids
Juicing is great for kids. What child will willing eat kale or spinach? If you put those items in a lunch box, they would get thrown out. Kale and Spinach are super foods, especially for our children. Their bodies are growing so quickly. Their nutrition needs are vast. Getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables in them is paramount. Good luck getting them to eat an apple when they see french fries. Take the foods that make your child grimace, and juice them. An apple, a banana and some leafy greens blended together can taste great. You can pour this in a sippy cup and be out the door. Your child has a great start to the day. The same applies to adults. Blending up the things your body needs and you are done.

3. Can Freeze Fruit
The best thing about juicing is you can freeze fruit. Fruit is ripe and plentiful in the summer. Pick some of your favorites. Wash and bag them up. Label by date and name, yummy. In the middle of the winter, you will be thrilled.

List of Cons of Juicing

1. Lack of Fiber
Juicing doesn’t always give us the fiber we need. The peels and seeds have great nutritional value. Juicing discards those items. Our body needs the fiber to work well.

You can get off to a great start with juicing. Pick some favorite produce and get going.