List of Pros and Cons of Living in Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful place and officially, is it also a state that is part of the United States of America. It is, however, located up north which isn’t very attractive for the state itself. But there is a lot more to Alaska than what meets the eye and as such, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of living in Alaska.

List of Pros of Living in Alaska

1. You get paid to live in it.
That’s right. If you make it through a whole year in the state of Alaska (January to December) the state will send you a permanent fund dividend, which is a great bonus if you just want to plan a trip or something like that. The fund is per person, so if you live with your family, you are basically getting paid vacation.

2. Great community.
People in Alaska are known to be friendly and to really care about their neighbors and their fellow humans. This doesn’t really happen, for example, in a big city where people don’t even say hi to each other even though they just might work in the same building for years.

3. Lots of unique activities.
Although you can go fishing and camping pretty much everywhere in the world nowadays, the fishing and camping experience will simply be unique for you in Alaska due to a variety of factors, ranging from the climate to the wildlife.

4. The Northern lights.
One of the most beautiful things nature has to offer is only visible in the north area of the north hemisphere – where Alaska is. As such, it is possible for anyone living there to experience something that billions of people would love being able to see but never have the chance to do so.

List of Cons of Living in Alaska

1. High living cost.
Alaska has living costs that are a little higher than the rest of the United States of America. This is basically because Alaska is isolated and as such, it is more expensive for companies to get products in it, raising the costs for the consumers.

2. You’re stuck.
Alaska is in the north near Canada, and if you want to visit any other state, you have to fly there or spend a huge amount of money in gas for your car. Either that, or you go eat some pancakes with maple syrup in Canada.

3. It’s freezing.
Alaska has incredibly cold temperatures. People who live in it end up making jokes about it, claiming it only has two seasons: winter and less winter. Either way, it’ll be cold. Furthermore, winter itself (the real one) will last up to 8 months and will certainly give you a hard time.