List of Pros and Cons of Facebook

As Facebook has become the world’s most popular social networking site, it has become almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. Both sides of the debate have dug in their heels and believe that their point of view is the correct one. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons associated with Facebook.

List of Pros of Facebook

1. Easy To Stay In Touch
When we grow older, all of those friendships we took for granted that we built as kids start to die on the vine. People move, people get married, people have kids, and poof! It suddenly becomes much more difficult to get that old buddy on the phone for an extended conversation. With Facebook, you can keep tabs and stay in touch with a major expenditure of time on behalf of either party.

2. Staying Up To Date
Another ability we lose as we age is our ability to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world around us. We tend to get swept up into our own affairs, rarely poking our heads out to get a glimpse of the bigger picture. With Facebook, remaining on top of what’s going on in the worlds of politics or entertainment is an absolute breeze.

3. Making Announcements
Perhaps you and your spouse are expecting, or maybe you’ve bought a new house. No matter what news you have to share, Facebook helps you do so quickly and provide pictures to those who are interested in seeing them. Instead of going through the agony of sending out several e-mails or group texts, Facebook allows you to let everyone know as fast as possible.

List of Cons of Facebook

1. Time Drain
The average Facebook user checks their page several times a day and wastes an untold amount of hours over the course of a year. While some can keep their Facebook activity in check, it is not the best website to join for those who have an addictive personality. Waiting for that next friend notification can be quite intoxicating if you aren’t careful.

2. Privacy
While only your chosen friends can see your profile, there is nothing to stop any of them from taking pictures and information and sharing it with others. A couple may have wanted their friends to see pictures of their newborn and now they are floating all around town, as nosy people pass them around for a look. This is one of the unintended consequences of Facebook.

3. Dependency
When we become used to being able to see our friends without having to leave our homes, it becomes much more difficult to put in the same kind of effort that we used to. One of the hardest parts about using Facebook is keeping it from changing the way you associate with the important people in your life.