List of Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Do you feel like you have your head in the clouds lately? Don’t worry, it’s becoming the norm with talk of cloud storage everywhere around us. But what is cloud storage? How does cloud storage work? What are the pros and cons of cloud storage? While the cloud may be an out there concept, understanding it will leave you feeling much more grounded. Recently I upgraded to a newer laptop, of course, with the option of cloud storage and I too wondered many of these same questions. Chances are you too have been met with options to use the cloud as it is becoming an essential part of our home computers, laptops, I Pads, and even our smartphones.

The simple answer is that the cloud is a fictitious capsule in the sky that all our important documents are saved into allowing us to access our saved documents from any computer we want to use. In reality the image of a cloud that we all so popularly hold is quite virtually what the cloud truly is. It is an internet based storage area that holds our computer documents, pictures, etc. within an account. It is used quite similarly to the way email is used with an account that the user must sign into in order to access their documents.

List of Pros of Cloud Computing

1. Accessibility from Anywhere
There are many advantages to cloud computing. Working a research paper and a friend calls asking for a ride to the doctors? No problem. Simply stop where you are, save your paper to the cloud, and when you get to the doctors you can pull up that exact document on your smart phone and continue right where you left off. Random stop at the coffee shop, knowing you have an approaching deadline at work but all your notes are stored on your office computer? If you have them saved to the cloud this is no problem. Simply log into your cloud and account and finish up that worksheet outside of those office walls.

2. Great for Group Projects
The cloud makes group projects a breeze. Within your account you can list individuals you would like to have access to a whole project or parts of a project and they may log into their account and work on the project with you from any device connected to the internet. Your group members don’t have a cloud account? No problem. They may use the cloud online version for access.

3. Maintain Mobility
No more carrying USB devices, or worse yet, finding that slim almost microscopic piece of plastic that holds the final report that means the world to you. No more forgetting your note journal on your dining room table on the way out the door. No more having to complete all your work on a project on the same computer you began the project on. We are becoming a mobile world, it’s about time our hard work became mobile too.

List of Cons of Cloud Computing

1. Security
If your access becomes comprised you can have access given to tons of personal documentation, files, and information.

2. Downtime
Maintenance issues can deny you an ability to access your data.

3. Costs
Depending upon how much storage you require, you may need to pay extra.