Desiree Jennings Hoax Debunked

The anti-vaccine movement has slowly been taking a hold of western civilizations over the past few years. This is because of a number of hoaxes that have made people believe that vaccines can cause autism and other childhood diseases. Desiree Jennings took that kind of idea to the next level with her flu shot hoax. Claiming to suffer from dystonia, she would have jerky movements and problems walking, but she could run and walk backwards. She couldn’t talk unless she was running or walking backwards either.

Jennings claimed it was the mercury in her flu shot vaccine that caused her symptoms. She had chelation, or the removal of heavy metals, completed as a treatment. In just 2 weeks, her condition improved, but with cameras rolling, she suddenly had to be placed in a wheelchair.

Aren’t Her Symptoms Very Real?

No one is saying that Desiree Jennings is not suffering. People who are suffering tend to look for any cause possible to explain an unknown situation because they need knowledge to cope. Heavy metals have sometimes caused dystonia. She had a flu shot that had mercury. In some minds, that creates a logical correlation. It doesn’t matter that anyone would get more mercury in their body from a tuna steak than they would a flu shot.

A number of doctors who have followed Jennings’ case find that this cheerleader for the Washington Redskins is suffering from something that is psychogenic. Her symptoms aren’t typical for dystonia, but they are indicative of an unconscious mind that is causing the trouble. This can happen because of stress, anxiety, or non-visible desire to have extra attention.

Doctors point to her recovery. In her mind, Jennings felt like the heavy metal removal would help because it was removing the mercury from her body that she knew was so bothersome. When her mind focused on the completion, then it began to worry about mercury build-up again. The natural result would be a relapse of symptoms.

Jennings Is Convinced That It Was the Flu Shot

An unintended hoax is still a hoax. Jennings is absolutely convinced that it is the flu shot that gave her the dystonia symptoms and this has caused her to become an advocate for the anti-vaccine movement. When there are no other options allowed to be considered, then no medical diagnosis in the world is going to change her mind or the minds of her supporters. When the evidence mounts that it wasn’t mercury poisoning from a flu shot, Jennings will simply keep seeking medical opinions because everyone else is “wrong.”

The evidence is there for everyone to see in her own words. “It’s a convenient way for incompetent doctors to get you out of their office,” she said to 20/20, speaking of the psychogenic diagnosis. Jennings will continue searching for a cure. The rest of the world will simply stop paying attention at some point because they’ll realize that it is just another hoax.