Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is believed to meet the energy demands of people for fifty to even seventy years. In an attempt of finding alternative means of energy, the sources of renewable energy are considered to be an effective solution. Here are many disadvantages and advantages to this.

Renewable Energy and its Advantages

1. It Cannot Possibly be Depleted
The sources for renewable energy may consist of wind, hydro, ocean, biomass, geothermal and solar. Each of them offers a big advantage as they are not depleted and are renewable. They provide clean energy because they are non-pollutant and non-contributor to greenhouse effects and global warming.

2. Reduced Cost of Operations
As the sources are known to be natural, the operations and costs are reduced. This only means that even the government and private sector can save more from using renewable sources. They also need less maintenance.

3. Only Uses the Energy from the Sun
This is proven to be advantageous because even the systems may fit on already existing buildings. The systems are not mainly affecting the use of lands; however, it may still require materials.

4. With Renewable Energy Comes the Creation of Jobs
Among regions that already have turned to renewable energy, there is a change and economic growth is even seen. As for people, they can be employed and enjoy the most from their incomes.

5. Facilities Need Less Maintenance and Renewable Energy Has Little Waste Products
The facilities to be used on renewable energy need less maintenance. The fuel that is derived from available and natural resources limits the overall costs, prior to operations.
More importantly, renewable energy only has no or little waste products. These waste products may include of chemical pollutants or carbon dioxide. They are only less and may have minimum impact in the environment.

6. The Projects Provide Economic Benefits
The projects related on renewable energy provide economic benefits to people, in the regional areas. Many of the projects are not situated near suburbs and urban centers. These benefits may be associated in the tourism and local services.

Renewable Energy and its Disadvantages

1. Difficulty in Generating Large Quantity of Electricity
There is a difficulty in generating large quantity of electricity. As compared to the conventional generators on fossil fuel, the quantity of electricity that is produced is large. This only means that there is a need to reduce the energy that will be used. Or else, there is a need to create many energy facilities. It may even indicate that the ultimate solution to the energy problems is the balance on many various power sources.

2. The Problem on the Supply and its Reliability
Renewable energy mainly relies in the weather, which is the ultimate source of power. In regard with hydro generators, they need rain in filling dams and supplying a continued flow of water.

Wind turbines also need wind in turning the blades. Clear sunshine and skies are needed for solar collectors. Once these resources are not found, the capacity in making energy is less. This may be inconsistent and unpredictable.