Year Round School Advantages and Disadvantages

Year round school means that there is no prolonged break over the summer holidays for students. This poses a great deal of benefits to students, but may seem a bit extensive for some people. Lets explore the real pros and cons that year round school can offer.


Year round school schedules can be very helpful for students, teachers and also for some parents. We can predict the use of various additional services for learning. Using online custom writing services will be more popular. That is why it is important to give students all the resources to study. Most importantly, year round school schedules make sense from economic, psychological and educational perspectives. Let us look at the psychological aspects first.

Students and teachers suffer burnouts like any other trainees or professionals. With year round school schedules, there would be shorter and more frequent breaks, for instance of a couple of weeks after several months of classes. These short breaks would allow the teachers and students to rejuvenate themselves. Short breaks are always replenishing and students as well as the teachers can resume their schedules with renewed vigor, a fresher mind and great zeal.

From the perspective of economics, schools get to use their infrastructure for a longer period of time, unlike schedules where there are very long summer and winter breaks. This would gradually reduce the economic burden on schools and that would be passed down as financial benefits for parents.

From the educational perspective, students would be able to stay in touch with what they are being taught. With shorter and more frequent breaks, students shall be able to remember more of what they have learnt and they would do well in academics.


There are many disadvantages of year round school schedules, most of which are primarily for the students and their parents. Families where both parents are working and they don’t have any elderly person or relative staying at their homes will find it extremely difficult to manage their time during the shorter breaks when kids are home. With more frequent breaks, parents would have to bear childcare expenses or they would have to keep their kids home alone. Neither of the two is desirable.

If a family has two or more kids and they study at different schools with different schedules, then the family will be unable to plan holidays or vacations and they would also have to account for multiple schedules of childcare and their working schedule.

Year round school schedules will prevent high school students to get part time jobs or summer jobs since there wouldn’t be a long vacation. This may have an undesirable impact on their financial plans and aspirations.