The Atkins Diet Pros and Cons List

In the day of “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, everyone is scrambling to find the perfect diet. There are so many out there, the drink detox cleanse, the fat blaster cleanse, the liquid diet, the south beach, diet…the list just goes on forever. One of the most popular, most followed, and most known diets though is the Atkins Diet. This diet promotes healthier eating (including forbidden foods) with lower carbohydrate intake and higher metabolism boosting foods. Just with any diet, however, the Atkins diet does have its pros and cons, and you should weigh them carefully. Before starting any diet, consult your doctors’ advice.

List of Pros of The Atkins Diet

1. Can Eat Many Foods
One of pros the Atkins diet that both men and women like is that you are able to eat foods that you would normally find on the McDonalds menu. Steaks and burgers are no longer “bad” foods, but only when done correctly. This diet allows for more outside dining options and not having to limit yourself to the “rabbit food” diet of just veggies.

2. Many Substitutes Allowed
The Atkins diet, while allowing good carbs, kicks out the bad carbs, such as sugar, flour, and anything that is highly processed. While you can’t have your cake (and you can’t eat it either) you are able to substitute good sweets, such as apples, for those bad ones.

3. Boosts Muscle Growth
Many people lose a significant amount of weight on the diet. As long as it is adhered to, and with good exercise, it is one of the best diet plans for kicking fat and boosting muscle. It also helps to keep you disciplined once you reach your ideal weight.

List of Cons of The Atkins Diet

1. Lack of Energy
Don’t forget though, even a good diet has cons. One of the setbacks of this diet is that it does not provide a lot of energy, since you get your energy from carbohydrate consumption. To supplement the lack of high energy carbs, substitute with fiber (such as an apple) which will leave you feeling fuller longer and the natural sugar in apples will give you that little extra boost you need.

2. Less Fruits and Vegetables
There are many fruits and vegetables that you have to say goodbye to. Potatoes, pineapple, and yams are of the question now. Bananas, oranges, grapefruits and many others have to be eaten in moderation. Whole grains are also primarily gone (though you are allowed one cheat day a week to have a very small serving of whole grain).

3. Bad Breath and Constipation
One of the most common (and, unfortunately, most unpleasant) con of this diet is that many people experience halitosis (bad breath) and constipation. Drinking plenty of water (and a cup of black coffee in the morning) can help to keep your bowels in check.