Monarchy Pros and Cons List

To some, monarchies may seem like a thing out of fairy tales and storybooks. In reality, there are still several countries in the world who operate under a monarchy system. Kings and queens still rule the land in a variety of instances and while this can be an outdated notion to some, some countries are able to survive and prosper under monarchy rule. But it is important to note that there are also several drawbacks to this method. These are the advantages and disadvantages that come with monarchy.

List of Pros of Monarchy

1. Leaders Are Bred To Rule
A child who is born into a ruling family has their entire life to learn about the ins and outs of running their country. They are taught from a very young age what to expect and what not to expect. In countries that do not allow a monarchy to rule, their leaders do not begin to learn what they’ll need to know until they have already reached adulthood.

2. Stable Leadership
In a monarchy, the ruling class remains in place for the entirety of their lives. When a monarch has life tenure, it allows them to grow into the position and make decisions that best suit their kingdom over the long term. Since they know that they will never be up for re-election, this keeps them from making selfish decisions.

3. No Passing Of The Buck
When it comes to monarchies and their decision making, the buck stops here. They do not have anyone else that they can place the blame on and unlike a democracy, they are not able to incriminate an opposing party when things do not go according to plan. Rather than having hundreds of politicians for citizens to criticize, there is only one person who can shoulder the blame.

List of Cons of Monarchy

1. The People Have No Voice
There is absolutely no democracy to be found when a monarchy is allowed to rule. If the people do not agree with their decisions, they have very little recourse and cannot remove a leader once they have been proven to be ineffective.

2. Excessive Power For One Person
When one person is allowed to possess a great deal of power and there are no checks and balances to keep them from making poor decisions, even the most level headed person could become drunk with power. The power to make the decisions for an entire nation is often too much for just one person to handle.

3. Inability To Change Leaders
Even the best kings and queens fall ill or become aged. In a monarchy, there is no way for the people to remove a leader who has become incompetent for one who is more able to run the nation.