Living in Hawaii Pros and Cons List

For many living in Hawaii is the ultimate dream destination. Who wouldn’t love year round 80 degree temps, ocean in every direction, the friendless of Hawaiian natives, and the adventure in all the activities that attract so many tourists? Hawaii really does have it all! But, would moving to Hawaii really be everything you dreamed of? We’ll go over the pros and cons of living in the Aloha state and let you decide.

List of Pros of Living in Hawaii

1. Great Views
Hawaii boasts the best views of the ocean from any one of the specific islands you chose. It is nearly impossible not to find a great beach. You are surrounded by ocean after all. There is always a beautiful beach close to home. With year round 80 degree temps and a nearby beach it is easy to call this paradise home.

2. Fits Active Lifestyles
Hawaii has a huge amount of things to do, ensuring even the most skeptical can never get bored. With expansive parks, golf courses, hiking trails, amazing restaurants and a hopping nightlife there is always something to keep you entertained.

3. Top Notch Services
Hawaii has the number one rated bus system in the country and top of the line airports. The private schools are top notch. And the people are always friendly and respectful as long as you are respectful to them.

List of Cons of Living in Hawaii

1. Traveling and Transportation
Many of us can’t imagine there are any cons to such a gorgeous group of islands but they are there, and in greater number than you might guess. First off, the traffic in Hawaii is insane. Traffic can back up so bad with slow drivers that in can take over ten minutes to travel a quarter of a mile. This can be excruciating during the peak driving hours when people are traveling to or from work. You can’t even escape the steady traffic jams out of town, as they are just as bad in these areas.

2. Tropical Rain and Weather
The rain. The rain in Hawaii can seem never ending. It is a tropical place after all. On good days it will only down pour for several minutes and then return to a blazing sun, increasing the already high humidity levels. Generally you can expect sunny breaks in an otherwise rainy forecast. Which leads us to another of Hawaii’s downfalls, the humidity. Obviously located near the equator the constant sun and steady rains leave this tropical paradise heavy with a blanket of high humidity levels.

3. High Cost of Living
The cost of living in Hawaii will break the bank compared to the other 49 U.S. states. A single gallon of milk will easily run you five dollars. Typical rent prices for a relatively decent place is over two thousand dollars. And if you are thinking of buying a house to pinch some pennies, keep in mind that normal housing prices start at five hundred thousand dollars.

4. Environment and Crime
Let’s not even discuss the amount of insects, vog (volcanic fog that causes respiratory issues and eye irritation), the crime rate, and drug trade issues.