List of Pros and Cons of School Vouchers

The debate about whether or not governments should give out school vouchers has started, and as such, we’d like to help people get a little bit more information about the topic. Putting it simply, a school voucher will basically be issued from the federal government, a state or a city to help pay for the education of children in private schools. School vouchers are only given to children whose parents have very, very low monthly/ yearly income.

List of Pros of School Vouchers

1. Affordable Private Education
School vouchers allow people with low income to give their children higher education without having to worry about the high costs these types of education usually have. Since the children will be at a private school without the added costs, the rate at which children will leave these types of schools will easily decrease.

2. Improve Education Quality
By making education a lot more accessible for everyone, these vouchers will also allow the quality of the education that students end up receiving. A lot of parents have to take their children out of school due to financial issues, and with these vouchers, they won’t have to worry about the costs. Not worrying about the costs will allow the children to aim for the stars with their knowledge.

3. Greater Opportunities for Children
Because children with these vouchers end up going to private schools, they will be able to get better opportunities when it comes to education, simply because private schools can offer conditions and opportunities that public schools aren’t able to.

List of Cons of School Vouchers

1. Public Schools Lose
School vouchers will take students away from public schools, which will end up costing them money they desperately need. IF these students aren’t in public schools providing them with a little more money, they won’t be able to afford some types of opportunities for their students due to their lack of funds.

2. Violates the Separation There is Between Church and State
Violates the separation there is between the church and state – Since a lot of existing private schools have agreements with religious groups that support them, the money that they earn doesn’t really benefit neither the church nor the state.

3. Student Discrimination
Even though poor students will be able to study in private schools, this doesn’t mean they will fit in properly. They will still not have the same lifestyle as the other students in the private schools and things such as the clothes they wear, where they go, what they eat and so on are things that can easily be good motives for children to discriminate one another. A wealthy lifestyle Is a common thing in private schools,, and something that a student with vouchers won’t really be able to afford.