List of Pros and Cons of Hunting

Hunting is an incredibly topic, one that is polarizing in nature. People tend to believe quite strongly in their viewpoint on the subject and there is very little room for them to budge. On one side, you have those who enjoy hunting and believe that it is quite necessary.

On the other, there are those who do not see the need for hunting and who work tirelessly to advocate for it to be banned in all forms. With two divergent points of view, the exploration of the pros and cons becomes much more necessary.

List of Pros of Hunting

1. Wildlife Population Control
In many instances, the reason hunting is encouraged is due to the fact that wildlife populations can surge to a point where their continued existence is untenable to the people around them. Allowing hunters to kill certain animals is a great means for keeping wildlife populations at a manageable level.

2. Laws Are Already In Place
Laws are already on the books to prevent people from hunting out of season or over hunting a particular animal. These laws keep people from hunting as they see fit. A person who hunts against the terms of the law faces hefty fines and even jail time in certain instances. Thanks to the current regulations, most regions do not experience issues with over hunting.

3. Increased Levels Of Exercise
For some citizens, hunting presents them with their best opportunity to get additional exercise. It is also a great way to learn more about the world around you and gain knowledge about the great outdoors. Every person’s reason for enjoying hunting is different and for many, it is very little to do with the killing of animals.

List of Cons of Hunting

1. It Has Become Purely A Sport
Hunting used to be a necessary way of life, with people subsisting off the animals that they were able to kill. However, in modern times, hunting exists primarily as a sport, which is a huge turn off to animal rights activists who see hunting as a form of senseless murder.

2. Animals Become Extinct
When hunters do not follow the laws, this leads to the extinction of animals. Over hunting can be a problem in a variety of regions, one that is very difficult to enforce. Officers of the law often have more pressing concerns.

3. Hunting Can Lead To Accidents
The majority of people who hunt are responsible by nature and make the correct decisions. There is a subset of hunters that behave in a manner that is irresponsible. If hunting is done in a way that is not responsible, the person not only puts their own life in jeopardy, but the lives of those who are around them.