List of Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has become a hot button topic for many American citizens. While many believe that there is no problem to be had by allowing homosexual couples to marry one another, there is still a faction that is loudly opposed to it. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages that come with allowing LGBT couples to marry one another.

List of Pros of Gay Marriage

1. Equal Access to Benefits
The couple is able to access all of the same marital benefits as their straight counterparts. There are a wide range of advantages that gay couples are not allowed to enjoy. LGBT couples who are able to marry can receive the same tax breaks that straight couples do and are also able to adopt children. Married LGBT couples can access the same assistance as heterosexual couples and are afforded the same amount of protection under the law.

2. Maintain Openness
When a gay couple is legally allowed to get married, it saves them from having to sneak around and hide the relationship. Being forced to live a life of secrecy can take an immense psychological toll on a person and places an unnecessary level of strain on the relationship. Having the chance to celebrate a relationship on a public level is great for anyone, gay or straight.

3. Minimize Discrimination
Removing the restrictions on gay marriage removes the stigma that gay and lesbian couples are forced to live with. It shows society that gay and lesbian couples are not lesser beings and that is not okay to discriminate against them or treat them with any level of disrespect.

List of Cons of Gay Marriage

1. Negative Effects on Children
Same sex marriages are not always the best environment in which to raise a child. While the majority of adults are fully capable of functioning without the utilization of traditional gender roles, a child may require the presence of a mother and a father in order to feel comfortable, safe, and loved. Some kids simply need a father and a mother in order to reach their full potential.

2. Adds to Overburden Divorce System
Being able to get married and celebrate your love in a public forum is wonderful. Getting a divorce is not. When gay couples are allowed to marry, they are now subject to all of the same divorce pitfalls as their straight counterparts. The division of assets, deciding upon child custody, alimony hearings, none of these experiences are fun to go through.

3. Controversy Among Fundamental Beliefs
Those who are opposed to gay marriage are forced to watch as their tax dollars are spent on an idea that they do not fundamentally believe in. While tax dollar utilization can be a tricky topic and it would be close to impossible to ensure that every dollar spent goes towards a worthy cause, this is something that must be considered in any fair discussion.