List of Pros and Cons of Fossil Fuels

As technology advances and scientists continue to warn that fossil fuel resources are finite, it becomes more important to fully investigate the pros and cons of these fuels. Listed below are the most crucial fossil fuel pros and cons.

List of Pros of Fossil Fuels

1. The Technology Is Already In Place
Simply put, we have already become accustomed to certain fossil fuel benefits. The technology that is used to harness fossil fuels has been in place for decades now and we have developed a great deal of familiarity with the methods that are currently being applied.

Since fossil fuels have been the world’s primary source of energy for decades, it is difficult to see any viable alternatives. Fossil fuel supporters believe that the system is not broken, so there is no need to try and fix it.

2. Reliability And Price
Not only are fossil fuels cheap, but they are also very easy to come by. This sort of reliability is why so many people do not wish to see fossil fuels fall by the wayside. Fossil fuels are inexpensive and perpetually available, which provides great peace of mind for companies who rely on inexpensive fuel to exist.

While solar and wind energy are gaining traction in the scientific community and in circles where green energy is prized, the sun and wind are unreliable sources of energy and cannot be stored in a cost efficient manner.

List of Cons of Fossil Fuels

1. Environmentally Unfriendly
Fossil fuels are considered to be extremely hostile to the environment. Not only do they contribute to global warming, but they are considered to be a main catalyst. Fossil fuels contain a great deal of carbon and their emissions are predicted to continue to cause serious issues.

As much of the world makes the transition to greener forms of energy, these sorts of drawbacks when it comes to fossil fuel reliance become far more evident. Even obtaining fossil fuels can cause serious damage to the environment when it is not done properly.

2. Not Sustainable
Fossil fuels are not an immediately renewable resource, which makes it difficult to rely on them over the long haul. Supporters often point out the fact that fossil fuels are produced by natural processes. What they fail to recognize is that fossil fuels take millions of years to regenerate and that there is no way for anyone to speed up the process.

Fossil fuel usage has not been adjusted for this reality. We continue to deplete our fossil fuel resources at a rate that is not sustainable for the future. Fossil fuels are cheap and reliable, but they will not be able to last forever. Unless we locate a greener, renewable form of energy, we will not be able to maintain the lifestyles we’ve grown accustomed to.