Lindsey Williams Debunked

Just who are “The Elite?” When Lindsey Williams talked about how “they” want something a certain way, just who is being discussed? With threats of doom and gloom, if everything that Lindsey Williams predicted to come true would actually happen, it would be worse than a Biblical end of days scenario. Everyone is entitled to their own observations, of course, but once observations become fact without evidence – and they are presented as fact – then a hoax is about to begin.

Lindsey Williams is a hoax.

What Is With the NWO Conspiracies?

The idea that Williams and others like him are trying to put out to the general public is that the world governments are all working together to create a single government entity. Not one like the United Nations of today. This would be a single government, with a single ruler, having the power to rule over all of humanity.

What Williams does to promote this idea is play on the average person’s persecution complex. When the Middle Class of the United States hasn’t seen tangible job growth for 30 years as a whole group, then people like Williams take the negative emotions that come from this and spin them into fiction that sounds good enough to be fact. They realize that emotions cloud the observer’s judgment of their words as righteous anger from the perceived persecution flows through their veins.

It’s the same principle that you see in some religious groups today. Any disagreement then becomes persecution once righteous anger begins to fester. There’s an interesting fact about anger that many people don’t know: when someone becomes angry, there’s an equal decrease in their logical functioning. When a person is at their angriest, they are also at their stupidest.

Why Does Lindsey Williams Promote Such Discord?

In modern America, discord equals business opportunities. It’s the fastest way to become the leader of a group that is remarkably similar to the NWO, just on a smaller scale. With generalized terms, “they” becomes whomever the enemy of the person reading pictures in their own lives. That could be the Illuminati, their neighbor next door, or the religion that just opened a mosque down the street.

To certain groups, the idea of being taxed to death so that politicians can gain an advantage over the common man is very inspirational. It could be an honest evaluation of current events from a personal perspective. Once the line is crossed, however, and Williams begins telling others that his way his right and all other perspectives from the information at hand is wrong, then a hoax is being put over on the general public.

Why? Because without evidence, all talk is conjecture. Someone might take the same information and say that it is evidence of Vladimir Putin maneuvering to rule the planet for 1,000 years and that he will fling jelly beans at all dissenters to his quest to become Earth Emperor. A bit over the top as an example, but that’s what conjecture is: an interesting discussion, not fact.