Keratin Treatment Pros and Cons List

Curly hair is often prized by those who do not have it, while naturally curly hair that becomes frizzy can provide a great deal of frustration to people who wish to get rid of it. For those who fall into the latter category, keratin treatment often seems like the best possible solution available. Straight hair that does not curl or frizz makes life much easier, as the person is able to cut down on the amount of time they spend managing the hair. While there a variety of benefits to be enjoyed by utilizing keratin treatments, there are also certain downsides. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the coin.

Important Pros of Keratin Treatment

1. It Is A Unisex Treatment
Keratin treatment is able to be enjoyed by both men and women alike. Unlike most beauty treatments, where only a woman is able to realize the benefits, a man with curly hair that is hard to control does not have to continue to suffer even after his female counterparts have found relief.

Women are not the only ones who wish to have straight hair with a shinier gleam that they did previously. Men also desire greater control over their hair and are willing to submit themselves to keratin treatments. Spending less time and money on hair care is a huge benefit, no matter the gender.

2. More Styling Options Available
People who struggle with hair that is excessively curly or frizzy are often limited when it comes to styling options. Typically, men and women who have curly hair that won’t respond to the usual forms of treatment are forced to cut their hair short. Otherwise, they greatly increase the amount of time spent styling it each day.

Once you undergo a keratin treatment to straighten the hair and give it a sleeker look, you are able to wear your hair longer, which provides a greater variety of options. No longer do you have to be limited to shorter haircuts. When a person has more options available to them as it pertains to their hair care, it gives them a far greater sense of self confidence and allows them to tinker with their appearance in ways that they were unable to before.

3. Less Time And Money Spent
When a person constantly has to struggle with hair that is much too curly or out of control, they often have to spend a much greater amount of time on maintenance. Unlike those who are born with hair that is naturally long and straight, people with curlier follicles cannot simply wash their hair and run straight out of the door each day.

A keratin treatment lasts for at least six months, so if a person comes to rely on them, they will not be forced to spend a vast amount of time in a salon or visiting with a hair technician. Once a person receives keratin treatment, they are able to simply wash their hair and go. Extra sleep every morning and less money spent on beauty products are two main reasons people begin to receive regular keratin treatments.

Important Cons of Keratin Treatment

1. The FDA Does Not Fully Approve
The Food and Drug Administration is not completely on board with keratin treatments from a health or safety standpoint. One of the primary ingredients used in a keratin treatment is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that can have serious short term effects on people who use keratin treatments.

Recipients of keratin treatments often report experiencing irritation to their skin and excessive watering of the eyes. It is also believed that relying on keratin treatments over the long term can lead to cancer, as formaldehyde is a carcinogenic agent. Canadian citizens are not even able to receive keratin treatments, due to the fact that they have been completely banned.

2. Alters The Hair’s Structure
When a person treats their hair with chemicals, they are not always able to predict the outcome. Adding chemicals to curly and frizzy hair can lead to severe changes to the hair’s overall fundamental structure. Even though someone may wish to eliminate their curliness, keratin treatments can radically alter the texture of the hair, which may not be preferable for everyone.

The idea of not being able to potentially reverse the procedure if you should decide to go back to your old hairstyle can cause some to opt out of the treatments entirely. It is important to discuss all of the potential consequences with someone who is well trained in administering these treatments.

3. Lack Of Experienced Professionals
Since keratin treatments are considered to be dangerous in many circles, finding an experienced technician who is able to do the job properly, while also alleviating all of your concerns and answering any questions you may have can be challenging. Unless the keratin is applied in a careful manner by someone with a high level of experience, complications are arise.

Keratin is very gentle and provides conditioning for the hair. One mistake that is often made, even by those who have been applying these treatments on a regular basis, is flat ironing the hair too often during the process. This causes damages to the hair shaft that are difficult to reverse. Hair shaft damage does not happen because keratin is dangerous. The product is not to blame. Inexperienced stylists are more likely to make mistakes, so be sure to ask about their track record before allowing them to perform a keratin treatment on your hair.