Hair Extensions Pros and Cons List

Let’s face it, a hair style can make or break your look. Long hair has always been the pinnacle of fashion and style. Despite this, growing your hair naturally to desired lengths can take a considerable amount of time if not very long. In addition, the amount of caring and maintenance required can also be a big challenge. If you have been yearning for long hair for a while, then this is the right time to get hair extensions because they are simply the best option. They can help you get that length and texture you’ve always wanted and the best part of all this is that the procedure is nothing short of instant. Hollywood celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Demi Moore and others are some of the most popular people who use hair extensions, and they always look stunning with them.

There are different types of hair extensions to choose. Human, pre-bonded, clip in and many more. Although so many varieties to choose, making the right choice can be quite confusing and you’ll need some considerable experience and time. You can make this better for yourself by doing some research on the different types of hair extensions as well as finding out with type suits your complexion. After all its just about looking more beautiful, stylish and fashionable.

List of Pros of Hair Extensions

1. Instant Style
One of the biggest pros of hair extensions is that they instantly give you that dream hairstyle you’ve always wanted. You won’t have to wait for 6-12 months to achieve that hair that will reach your shoulders.

2. Flexibility
Hair extensions allow for flexibility to try out different hairstyles without getting confined to a single style. If you get bored with your hair extensions, you can easily remove them and get a different look.

3. Try Different Colors
With hair extensions you can also try different color combinations, without worrying about damaging your natural hair. You can also add some beads and create your own unique style.

4. Easy to Maintain
Hair extensions are easy to maintain and care for. They can be treated and washed just the same way as natural hair.

List of Cons of Hair Extensions

1. May be Painful
There’s no doubt that you’ll feel a certain amount of pain when you cut or trim that hair you’ve spent so much time growing and caring for. With hair extensions you never have to face the scissors, and therefore no regrets as you can try any styles you want.

2. Don’t Increase Hair Length
Hair extensions don’t just increase your hair length, but they also provide additional volume and thickness. They are an excellent choice for thinning, limp or fine hair.

3. Costly
One of the major setbacks of having hair extensions is the price. If you require the most natural looking hair extensions, you’ll need to pay dearly. The cost will largely depend on the volume and length of the hair as well as the stylist who will fix them.

4. May Cause Hair Damage
Hair extensions have the potential to cause some considerable damage to your natural hair. Since they are attached to your natural hair using knotting, thermal heat, glue or braiding, the can hamper hair roots or strands. Glue, heat and other chemicals can burn, split or break hair strands, while tight braids or tight knots have the potential to pull off your hair from its roots.

5. Takes a Lot of Time
Adding hair extensions is a hectic and lengthy process. The whole application period will depend on the length of the hair, fullness and method of application. The entire process may actually take 8 to 9 hours to get done.


The following tips are meant to help you know a bit more about hair extensions and how to attach them to your hair.

1. Avoid using hair extensions that are much heavier than your natural hair. Heavy extensions may cause your hair to break and fall off. For this reason, go for hair extensions that your natural can withstand.

2. Choose an experienced hair stylist who will add your hair extensions neatly and accurately without any damage to your natural hair. This is also important for you’ll look at the end of the day.

3. Make sure that you use a special soft brush specifically designed for hair extensions so you don’t break or damage your hair when brushing it. Also use gentle shampoo and use cold water to rinse to prevent any tangles.

4. If you want hair extensions for short-term purposes, bonded ones will suit you better. They cost less and are ideal for shorter usage.

Both the pros and cons of hair extensions been have identified here, and hopefully they will provide some insight and guidance regarding picking the right hairstyle for that special occasion or simply to look good. Hair extensions can be an exciting venture to try out, and with comprehensive information available to you, you can make the best and most rational decision.

If you want to try out a new hairstyle that will leave you feeling as natural as possible then you can try adding real hair extensions. They will feel a lot nicer and better than artificial hair, and you are more than likely to find the perfect color match.