Galactic Federation Of Light Hoax Debunked

Scientific knowledge about our world’s placement in our galaxy and the universe at large has developed quite a lot over the centuries. At one point, we believed that the Earth was flat and that the sun and the universe rotated around us. Today we know that we are just a small pixel in the map of a giant galaxy and universe. Using the theory of gravity as their basis, 19th century astronomers believed that our solar system was orbiting another star and that this would be the foundation of life in the known universe.

These theories were then expanded in 1949 with the creation of the Photon Belt. In basic terms, during this solar system orbit, our planet would come through regions of the universe that had higher levels of energy and this would allow the human race to become enlightened during this period.

The Galactic Federation of Light Was Joined in 1997

It is said that the Earth hits these energy pockets only once every few thousands years or so. When we do, then we become part of an intergalactic confederation of species that inhabits worlds within our small little neighborhood of the universe. There are 8 species in total and the governing organization or treaty was called the Galactic Federation of Light.

Never mind the fact that this sounds like it came directly from the plot points of Star Trek and the ruling Federation. These 8 species were going to show up and hover over our major cities, sort of like what happened in the movie Independence Day, but only do so to prove their existence instead of blowing up major city monuments.

This obviously didn’t happen. The leaders of the movement stated that there would be a new date for all of this to happen: in 2012, at the resetting of the Mayan calendar.

What Is Going on with the Galactic Federation of Light Today?

The Galactic Federation of Light is still active today. There are over 25,000 likes on their Facebook page and they have an active blogging presence on the internet today. In the view of the organization and its supporters, the discord that is being seen around the world today is because we have been unable to achieve the global peace that would allow us to join the other species as we all work to transition the government for the “starseeds” on Earth.

There is also the thought that some of the extraterrestrials are actually living on our planet right now, down in the depths of Antarctica. After all, most researchers can’t reach the heart of the continent on our southern pole except when weather conditions are right during certain times of the year and this would allow them to exist in peace.

People will believe what they want to believe. They have the right to do so, even if they wish to believe in a hoax. For those who wish to seek out a true higher perspective, however, it is important to weigh all available options – especially the ones that have scientific evidence supporting them.